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cover of Back Focus #76 from March 2010.

Toronto. When COVID-19 arrived in Toronto the spring of 2020, we closed down daily person to person venues as demanded by the city. Our editor at the time, the late Bob Lansdale, felt we needed to get something out to members so they had reason to renew even if the mailed copy of our journal was not sent, and in person Toronto meetings were suspended.

Bob elected to get approval from selected exchange members to post their material to members-only in pdf form, along with copies of our journal (Photographic Canadiana). Further, a decision was reached to distribute these pdf files via MailChimp, with new material send out to members at least monthly. Included were some specials like the Amalgamated Newsletters, the ‘All About’ series, etc. Our treasurer and PHSC Press volunteer, John Morden, did the scanning; our archivist, David Bridge, mailed out the pdf files via MailChimp; and I added and administered a ‘member’ tag in our MailChimp list.

Not to leave our ‘Luddite‘ members in the lurch. Bob asked that we determine who had membership but no email address. This came down to less than a dozen members. A decision was made to email/mail all members to request an email address, and ask if a hard copy was desired. A selection of articles published in volume 46 of the journal was readied as an annual and then printed and distributed to those members who had no email address or requested a hard copy for various reasons.

My thanks to PHSC member and good friend, George Dunbar, for suggesting this cover shot of an early issue of Back Focus from our exchange organization in Australia. The post title is a riff on the internet archive, the WayBack Machine whose logo can be seen down the right sidebar.

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