it’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s a camera?

novelty Pentax digital c2011 camera

Toronto. Some collectors specialize in novelty cameras such as this old Pentax RS1500 with the Superman skin (image posted by Andy Khouri April 14, 2011 and once seen on the ‘Comics Alliance‘ website.

Since digital photography has been around well over three decades, digital cameras are becoming collectibles. Pentax participated back in 2011 with their Optio RS 1500 camera and ten skins that could be easily applied to ‘customize’ this model.

The compact digital cameras have disappeared now, overtaken by the ubiquitous smart phones with their built-in cameras (getting better all the time). Sometimes you can see the RS1500  and other early digitals at our shows and auctions. The prices are reasonable so you can get in at the ‘ground floor’ on these cameras now delegated to  history and collectors.

Note: The post title is a riff on the now famous Superman mantra. It was brought to mind by the marvellous bass voice of Brad Roberts singing his “Superman’s Song” on the Crash Test Dummies’ CD called, “The Ghosts That Haunt Me”.

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