The Very Rich Life of a Montreal Studio

Dr Reichstein by
Bob Lansdale

NEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012.
Irwin Reichstein: The Very Rich Life of a Montreal Studio.

Dr. Irwin Reichstein was a guest speaker in May 2008 talking on “The Multigraph.” This time he will discuss the building at the corner of Craig and Bleury Streets in Montreal. This building was one of the centres of photography in 19th century Montreal.

Most of the best known Anglophone photographers of the day had studios on that corner or within a few blocks. The events on Craig and Bleury, some quite dramatic, were also  well documented. Dr Reichstein is a computer science professor at Carleton in Ottawa. In his spare time, he delves into Canadian photographic history. Photographic Canadiana has been graced with his studies on James Inglis, on The Early Saronys and on The Multigraph.

Dr. Reichstein will be honoured on the 20th with a Research Grant for his continued research and support of our journal.

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