the marvellous little Polaroid

Polaroid cameras that beep and buzz

Toronto. In 1969, the Polaroid ad in LIFE magazine touted its series of electronic and mechanical cameras with built in timers and signals to tell the user development was finished.

While Polaroid film and prints were somewhat expensive, the cameras were of an advanced design using electronics and CdS cells to ensure most snaps were technically correct saving money if the framing and pose was acceptable to the snap shooter. My friend George Dunbar found this ad from page 46 of the March 21st, 1969 issue of LIFE magazine and shared it with me.

The title of this post is a riff on Tom  Paxton’s rendering of “the marvellous toy“. I first heard this charming 1962 folk song by Tom Paxton back when it first came out. The song was sung either by him or the Chad Mitchell Trio back then. I was in university so it was likely playing when I was home.

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