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Auction Sunday April 30, 2023

Toronto.  Spring is here and it’s Auction time again! Our spring INDOOR AUCTION is on TODAY, April 30th, 2022 down in the Long Branch area of Toronto at the usual venue BUT at a slightly later time (see poster) – … Continue reading

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PHSC News January 2021 (20-07)

Toronto. The folks at Lomography have had lots of success with various cameras, lenses and films for those enthusiasts into film technology (and our pre-COVID [and hopefully soon post] days of fairs and auctions).  Shown at left is the Lomography … Continue reading

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the marvellous little Polaroid

Toronto. In 1969, the Polaroid ad in LIFE magazine touted its series of electronic and mechanical cameras with built in timers and signals to tell the user development was finished. While Polaroid film and prints were somewhat expensive, the cameras … Continue reading

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as time goes by

Toronto. The first T in the TNT film processing method  stands for Time. Using a darkroom tank or a daylight tank, it was necessary to use this method of processing a film. Many companies offered a decent timer. This one … Continue reading

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doin’ it in the dark

Toronto, When light sensitive media were very slow and insensitive to the lower end of the spectrum (reds, oranges), the photographer’s eye could judge a fully developed image by subdued light or reddish illumination. About a century ago, flexible roll … Continue reading

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marking time

Toronto. Mid last century, the big deal in timers was the massive GraLab series. Now a days these beautiful instruments of a by-gone era are often collectibles – or pop up in a kitchen or living room as a practical … Continue reading

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time after time

Toronto. Back around 1960, I built my first darkroom. After an enlarger, my first purchase was a Gralab timer. This was when I first began developing and printing at home – high school and my time in Labrador and northern … Continue reading

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Time after Time…

Toronto. We casually use our camera’s self timer today, but there was a time when such devices were a luxury and available only as an accessory. Leitz made its self timer for the Leica from 1938 – 1965. The little cylindrical … Continue reading

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