the best camera is …

smart phone add-on lenses by

Toronto. … the one you have with you. And today more and more it means the one in your smart phone, a gadget so handy it seldom leaves your side.

To improve the modern smart phone’s single fixed lens camera even more, a company called Olloclip makes clip-on auxiliary lenses to make the built-in lens appear to have a shorter or longer focal length.

AppleInsider recently posted this article on the updated auxiliary lenses. Have a read – if you don’t yet use a smart phone, one of your children or grandchildren do!

AppleInsider is one of the blogs I regularly read for information on Apple and its products and apps. I have a few film cameras like my Leica M4, and a couple of digital cameras but my iPod Touch (a smart phone sans phone capability) is always with me.


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