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the invention of movies

Toronto. In North America, we usually think of Thomas Edison when considering that aspect of history. In Europe, credit is usually given to the Lumière brothers of France (of Autochrome fame). Actual work on motion predates photography when mechanical devices were … Continue reading

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ninety-nine percent sweat

Toronto. We find photographic collectibles in the darndest places – like non photographic auctions. Edison was said to define genius as one percent inspiration and  ninety-nine percent perspiration. If you search out auctions, like one at Skinners, and patiently drill down, … Continue reading

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who shot Ott on wot and why?

Toronto. Well, some time around the 1893 World’s fair in Chicago, Edison chose his employee Fred Ott for a movie experiment. Why Ott? Ott was notorious for his violent sneezes! On this occasion he needed a little help to “pull the … Continue reading

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