swan song – PHSC News newsletter for April 2022

something’s wrong with this picture …

Toronto. The Canon EOS 7D L shown here is from the right top of page 1 in this month’s PHSC News newsletter. What is odd, is that like the Exakta, this camera is for the 15% who are left handed!

Guess what? It’s April, 2022 already. We are anxiously waiting for COVID and all its baggage to disappear.

On a somber note, our editor, Sonja Pushchak, signed off with this issue. We wish her all the best in the coming months and years. Her sharp wit and talented way with words will be missed by most of us. She and her team have produced this great  issue of PHSC News for you.  PHSC News (21-10) has the usual bunch of articles – short, crisp, and ripe for argument. Take a few moments and read them and feel inspired (or somewhat irritated) once again. This issue is slightly abbreviated at eight pages.

ENDNOTE on page 1 is Ms Pushchak’s last write-up. Page 2 in “PHSC PRESENTS (LIVE)” is the poster for our auction in early May. Page 3,  under PHOTOBOOK 101, suggests “Slightly More Truthful Books on Photography“ with different words implied on the front cover of four popular books. STRONG WOMEN  on page 4, in, “A Slicker Picker-Upper and the Mother of the Striptease” reviews the collection of photos featuring female weight lifters.

In David’s EQUIPMENT REVIEW on page 5 (with upbeat and cheeky wording) shows how old SCSI negative scanners can be reused with free drivers (thanks to the likes of VueScan). John Morden’s trio of WEB LINKS on page 6 are all worth a visit  (the links are live, no need to ‘cut and paste’).

Page 7 is our poster for the special late April speaker event via ZOOM. The seminar, in collaboration with ESHPh and Dr Hanin Hannouch, is on three colour photography c1900. Sadly, our friends Ivy & Izzy, have disappeared with Sonja. We wrap up this issue on page 8 with John’s compilation of shows, want ads, books, and exhibitions of interest to collectors & photographers everywhere.

P.S. As usual, every link shown in the newsletter is a hot link just waiting for your click!

P.P.S. You can visit this issue by clicking here, or by g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu that takes you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning.

Note: The ‘swan song’ in the title also refers to the late Donald Swann who wrote the music for all ‘Flanders and Swann’ performances and recordings (At the Drop of a Hat). Here is a sample – the Hippopotamus Song.

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