sink, sank, sunk

Silhouette of B-17  bomber off Holland

Toronto. years ago a friend of mine dropped off a camera. Inside was a roll of mostly exposed film. The kicker? The camera was recovered from the glove box of a car that sunk through the ice on a local lake and was left submerged for a few days. I succeeded in the recovery, but the photographs were unremarkable in content.

Recently, my good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, sent along this nifty article from the end piece column of the Royal Photographic Society‘s Photographic Journal for February 1974. The column discusses film recovered and successfully processed nearly three decades after the B-17 bomber sunk just off Holland after the German Luftwaffe shot it down.

With careful washing and unrolling it is possible to process and print film that sat in a hostile environment for days or years! By all means enjoy the RPS archives of samples of its remarkable Photographic Journal. The articles are a historic rendering from a British perspective.

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