a plausible camera

Plaubel Makina III c1930

Toronto. In North America, we considered the Graphic and Graflex cameras the work horses of news hounds. In Europe, this pride of place went to the Plaubel Makina made in Frankfort, Germany.

The Plaubel Makina drawing for this post is courtesy of the late Brian Coe‘s 1978 book titled, “CAMERAS from Daguerreotypes to Instant Pictures“. The book is copyright AB Nordbok in Sweden and my version is the American book published in 1978 by Crown Publishers.

While we are still in lockdown at least to June 2, 2021, Our friends across the lake in Ohio plan to host their first auction in many months. The OCCC annual auction will be held May 21, 2021 from 1-6pm with preview starting at noon the same day. The auction will be an in person event with the usual COVID social distancing rules.

Hopefully, the situation up here north of the border will settle down by this fall/winter so we too can get on with our fairs, auctions, and shows once again. Meantime, the Ohio Camera Collectors Club will be soldiering on with their auction (including at least one Makina).


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