The Amalgamated Photo History Newsletters Vol 2-5 (May 2021)

Amalgamated Newsletters
Vol 2-5, May 2021

Toronto. A couple of special items are reproduced here in our special members-only supplement. As a member of the PHSC, you received this supplement Friday, the 21st of May.

Vol 2-5 was sent out last Friday afternoon to all current members with an email address. If you did NOT get a copy, please email me at and I will send you a copy after verification of your membership. Not YET a member? well, for heaven’s sake! Grab your plastic and register via PayPal on the upper right of this page! And you can donate to the society the same way via PayPal, or go to our Canada Helps entry on the link below the PAY NOW button.

In the preamble, journal editor Bob Lansdale write, “Here, I bring you a special story from the Photographic Historical Society of Canada, concerning the D-Day Landings in France, June 6th, 1944. I’ve published this story several times but cannot interest public media to pick it up. They favour “Back to the Beaches” or “The last surviving veteran.” I hope with this world-wide distribution you will pass it on to your local media: press, TV, radio and blogs. Or an Army or Veteran’s magazine which might find it interesting. This new aspect of events may catch their eye. It’s in time for the June 6th anniversary.

“I also include a wonderful layout of pictures on “The Families of the Dump” by Gerry Yaum of Edmonton, Alberta. He recorded the images in Thailand.”

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