PHSC News for November 2020

Pentax Optio NB1000

Toronto. Pentax made the Optio NB1000 camera for the Japanese market. It’s featured on page 1 of our newsletter this month (top right).

Is this really November 2020 ? The month began with a down-right chill in the air. But the last week my wife and I have been raking up leaves in the back yard in weather more like early September than November. Previously, a couple of near zero nights and a brisk wind caused all our trees to drop their leaves again.

Meantime, our editor extraordinaire, Sonja Pushchak, and her team have composed this latest issue of PHSC News (20-05 – November 2020). As the roaring comeback of the corona virus increases in volume, and the perplexing American vote was held (Trump close? really?) Anyway,  just read these articles in our latest newsletter to ease your troubles and cares!

Page 1 tips its hat to COVID-19 with the article titled Pro-Maskers; followed by a brief tale of cameras and astronauts in place of the usual PHSC Presents. Page 3 remembers a favourite James Bond – Sean Connery; while page 4 looks at Arthurian Erotica in Anomalies at Work. Page 5 is a howler with a tongue in cheek shot at Trump and his porkies on the COVID19 as recorded in the documentary “Virus? What Virus?”. Then David takes a shot at nomograms, tissue paper instructions for roll film, and a GraLab timer in his Equipment Review, followed by a page of his trio of web links in aid of his partner Louise.

Page 8 features a poster on the impact of the pandemic on our in-person events. On page 9, Ivy & Izzy talk about Andy Warhol. And as usual, we wrap up with the classifieds on page 10. P.S. Every link shown in the newsletter is a hot link just waiting for you to click!

P.P.S. You can visit this issue by clicking here, or by g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu that takes you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning.

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