PHSC News for April 2021 (Vol 20-10)

Fake Security Camera

Toronto. At right top of page 1 in this issue is the  AlfaView Solar-Powered Bullet Dummy Fake Surveillance Camera. Saves cost. A few decades ago when we had a store front in the Kingsway, I used a real camera bought used at one of our fairs. I left it unpowered and unplugged – until a customer pointed out to me that no cables mean a fake…

As the fourth month of 2021 gets underway, our editor produced a nifty April Fool’s edition (some articles are fake news, some are real). COVID-19 vaccinations are well underway in spite of the COVID-19 variations surfacing world-wide. Vaccines and close adherence to common sense guidelines brings a bit of sunshine in spite of the sharp peak in cases.

Our editor extraordinaire, Sonja Pushchak, and her team have composed this latest issue of PHSC News (20-10). Take a few moments and read all the articles in our latest newsletter and ease your personal cares!

On page 1, the article ‘Important Announcement‘ speaks to the current dichotomy between COVID guidelines and their understanding – meet Minister Katt… Next, under PHSC Presents is, “Practical LED Lighting for Filming a Hit Sci-fi Series“, complete with a link to an interesting video on YouTube. On page 3, the column STREAMables, continues the page 2 story with an essay titled, “Two Hundred Years from Now in The Expanse“; while page 4 features a cheeky look at the Royals in the article, “A Closing Comment on a Clutch of Calamitous Claims in the column called MEDIA-rology.

Page 5 discusses “A Contradictory Manifesto: The Paradox of the Futurists”  in the “ANTI-photography” column back when Italy was flooded with Futurists. David does his usual tongue-in-cheek Equipment Review, on an accessory to concentrate a consumer grade flash in his “To Flash Beamer or Not to Flash Beamer? Beam Me Up!“ article while page 7 has a trio of WEB LINKS of interest to us all.

Not to be overlooked, Page 8 features a poster on our forth-coming ZOOM event – Lorne Shields on “VISUALLY COMPELLING HISTORIC CYCLING PHOTOGRAPHICA”. Lorne is popular and his talks well illustrated and always fascinating – don’t miss out on this one! On page 9, Ivy & Izzy discuss that old chestnut about spaghetti in ‘Just What is it That Makes Yesterday’s Pasta So Different, So Appealing?

P.S. As usual, every link shown in the newsletter is a hot link just waiting for your click!

P.P.S. You can visit this issue by clicking here, or by g0ing to the menu item NEWSLETTER at the top of the page. There is a drop down menu that takes you to older issues dating back a couple of decades to the very beginning.

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