Daguerreian Society Pre-Conference Symposium.

Daguerreian Society Pre-Conference Symposium in NYC

Daguerreian Society Pre-Conference Symposium in NYC

Toronto. Our Journal Editor Bob Lansdale sent me an email last month on July 13th announcing a special Pre-Conference Symposium on October 20, 2016 in NYC.

The message is from the Daguerreian Society’s Business Director, Diane Filippi. The Conference title is “How the 19th-century Formed the Basis for All Subsequent Art Photography, Including Contemporary“.

The title is quite a mouthful – both members and non members are invited to attend. You can click here for the notice and full details.

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Dave Tinder of Michigan

Dave Tinder byDoug Aikenhead

Dave Tinder byDoug Aikenhead

Toronto. Last month on July 20th Bob Lansdale sent me this note he received from Cindy Motzenbecker of the MiPHS.

“Our good friend and photography collector Dave Tinder passed away peacefully early this morning.

“His major work, the Directory of Early Michigan Photographers, was published in 2013 on the website of the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan and is available to all at http://clements.umich.edu/eadadd/tinder_directory.pdf.”

Dave is shown in the above photo taken recently by Doug Aikenhead.

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A Canadian Homage to Frank’s “The Americans”

Mayor Charlotte Whitton

Mayor Charlotte Whitton

Toronto. When I read my Globe Monday, I saw a book review of “The Canadians: Photographs from The Globe and Mail Archives”. James Adams wrote the review (my thanks to George Dunbar who found this link) and compared the book to Robert Frank’s pivotal book “the Americans” published in France in 1958. One photo shows Ottawa mayor Charlotte Whitton sitting for O Canada in refusal to recognize the song as our new national anthem.

“The Canadians is published by Bone Idle Books and features many of the images shown recently in Toronto at CONTACT in the Globe exhibition “Cutlines”. If you missed it last  spring, a travelling exhibition called “Cutline” will open in Ottawa at the Canadian Photography Institute in the National Gallery this October 28, 2016 (The Globe says the opening is October 21st).

Bone Idle books is a division of the Archive of Modern Conflict founded by David Thomson (the family owns both Reuters and the Globe and Mail). AMC purchased an extensive collection of Daguerreian memorabilia some months back. Members of both the PHSC and the Daguerreian Society are aware of the AMC and some of its holdings.

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Luce Lebart heads the CPI in Ottawa

Luce Lebart courtesy of ARTFORUM

Luce Lebart courtesy of ARTFORUM

Toronto.  James Adams mentioned in Spotlight (Globe and Mail) Wednesday that Luce Lebart will head the new Canadian Photography Institute (CPI) which was created last November 1st. The web site ARTFORUM made the announcement last month on July 15th.

Ms Lebart of France is both a photography expert and an author. She was educated in Paris and Arles. Before joining the CPI she was the director of collections and curator at Societe francais de photographie in Paris.

She will oversee the CPI’s first two exhibitions, Cutworks from the Globe and Mail and Josef Sudek whose work we saw earlier in a presentation by Maia Sutnik of the AGO in May 2005.

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First photographer in Space – in 1961

Titov withCamera

Titov with Camera

Toronto. Nearly thirteen years before the PHSC held its first meeting, a Russian called Gherman Titov was the first man to take photographs in space in August 6, 1961. He was carried aloft and circled the Earth in the Soviet ship Vostok 2.

Thanks to George Dunbar for this article.

George found it on Phogotraphy (yes that is the correct spelling…).

Read the article for more details.

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The Light Collector

Leica 250 Camera

Leica 250 Camera

Toronto. My thanks to Russ Forfar for the following story featured on Petapixel.

Have you ever wondered who owns the most cameras? According to the Guinness Book of Records, the answer is Dilish Parekh of India.

At the time a short video was made of him and his collection, Mr Parekh owned over 4,500 cameras, bought for $15 US or less! Mr. Parekh states he will never sell his cameras.

His prize possession is a Leica 250 made decades ago for reporters. He estimates this camera alone is now worth $80,000 US or more.

If you happen to collect cameras, have a look. The sound track is in Mr. Parekh’s language with english sub-titles. A fascinating look at a collector and his thousands of models bought over many years.

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Road Trip to Ryerson

Experiment at Ryerson's DMEL

Experiment at Ryerson’s DME Lab, Yonge & Gould

Toronto. Our first fall meeting – September 21, 2016 – will be held at Ryerson, and NOT the usual North York Gold Room location.

The topic “A History of the Future” will be presented at the Ryerson Digital Media Experience Lab, Yonge & Gould, 7:00 PM. Not to be missed.

Watch for details in the coming few weeks!

As usual, all are welcome to attend.

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Ginns Antique Photographica Auction Sept 17, 2016

C.P. Stirn Vest camera in Ginns Auction

C.P. Stirn Vest camera in Ginns Auction

Toronto. Editor Lansdale kindly emailed me this notice from Bryan Ginns. He and his wife Page are hosting their Antique Photographica Auction this coming September 17th. Both cameras and images are being offered.

The catalogue is now online. Have a look and see what you can add to your collection.

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Graflex Journal 2 16

Big Bertha Graflex in NYC

Big Bertha Graflex in NYC

Toronto. Bob Lansdale, editor of our journal, Photographic Canadiana, just sent me this delightful issue of Ken Metcalf’s excellent publication, Graflex Journal covering the Graflex cameras.

The first two stories “Shooting the Big Bertha” by Geoffrey Berliner and “Mine is Bigger than Yours” by Ken Metcalf cover the famous Graflex popular with news and sports photographers  in the pre/post WW2 era.

I first saw one at the 2006 PHSC Spring Fair. Renaud Therrien of Montreal had the one shown here for sale (both the camera and Renaud are shown).

The balance of the 12 page Graflex Journal 2 2016  covers other cameras of interest to the Graflex collector and user. Continue reading

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Urban Toronto

Brick Making Machine - George Dunbar.

Brick Making Machine – George Dunbar 2010.      

Toronto. Member George Dunbar, a retired industrial photographer offers many images to the Urban Toronto site. There is a lot of history on this site. Have a look and see the many images on urbantoronto.ca.

The thumbnail for this post is part of a brick making machine photographed by George. The machine is in the Don Valley Brick Works near Bloor and the DVP.

George shot this photo four years ago in 2010. Take a few minutes to browse around both at George’s images and the Urban Toronto site.

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