Camerama Show January 22, 2017

Camerama Show January 22, 2017

Toronto. Gary Perry sent me a note last Tuesday, His January show will be the first out the chute this year.

The Toronto Event will be held at the Edward Village Hotel on Yorkland Boulevard in the north end of the city.

Click here or on the Leica icon at left to see a poster and full details.

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Photographic Canadiana 42-4

Print by Baker and Johnston of an Indian (First Nation) woman and child  c1880

Toronto. Editor Bob Lansdale sent this issue to the printer. The proof was reviewed and 42-4 is off to the press! Copies will be in the mail by late next week.

I selected the cover shot as an example of the quality of this issue. The reproduction is from a framed print displayed by our president, Lewko Hryhorijiw, at the December Show and Tell meeting. The image had to be extensively photoshopped by our editor before it could be printed.

This issue includes the second half of Carla-Jean Stokes’s thesis on First World War photographs at the AGO,  An article on the Language of Photographic History by our first editor, Terry Wedge, images of digital cameras which are becoming collectibles these days, Toronto Meeting notes for November and December, A Treasure from my Collection column, a Photo Essay from our last Image Fair and another Mystery Camera.

A copy is mailed free to every member – enjoy! Not a member? Just choose the time and country from the drop down menu in the upper right sidebar, click the Pay Now button, and automatically join or renew.

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Icons & Images at Swann Auction Galleries

Ellis Island NY in 1909 by Lewis Hine – a modern(ish) 8×10 silver print made in the 1950s

Toronto. Lew Hine is one of my favourite photographers. This is Lot 22 of Sale 2436 at the Swann Auction Galleries on East 25th in New York City. The auction is on Feb 14, 2017 but you can preview the photographs and photo books from February 9th to noon on the 14th. See the online catalogue for dates and times or to even enter a bid.

Swann Auction Galleries send me an email notification of upcoming events and I often post those events which have  a photographic theme. This particular event offers many rather expensive items to whet your taste and expand your collection. For example, this silver 8×10 print of a famous Lewis Hine photograph, developed by someone in the 1950s – over a decade after the death of Hine – is estimated to go for some 6,000 to 9,000 US dollars!

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Snap Shots 22-6 now available


Toronto. Thanks to Bob Lansdale for noting that the latest pdf version of Snap Shots is now available.

Snap Shots is the official journal of the PHSNE and announces the topic and location of the next meeting as well as other items of interest to collectors.

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Classic Photographs Los Angeles

Vivian Maier – California Beach 1955 – Stephen Bulger Gallery Toronto

Toronto. Fed up with the rain and snow here in the Big Smoke? Join Stephen Bulger at the Classic Photographs show in L.A. this weekend on January 21, 22nd.

Numerous dealers and classic photos available at the show. Dealers such as Stephen Bulger plan to attend.

Head west to California and down to L.A. to take in the sunshine and ambiance of the west coast in January.

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The Buzzing Lights Project

Buzzing Lights – Tanja Tiziana

Toronto. Photographer Tanja Tiziana of our city has just completed her opus to the North American Neon Signs common over a half century ago. The book, “Buzzing Lights – The Fading Neon Landscape of North America” uses photographs to record the old neon business signs whose buzz, crackle, and flicker introduced cities to many of us.

Robert Everett-Green of Montreal discusses the “Signs of the Times” in the Globe and Mail  article last Saturday.  I was a teenager when I first went to Montreal. The flashing neon along streets downtown sang out places like the Capitol and Princess theatres, Dunn’s and Ben’s delicatessens, American Lounge and Harlem Nights night clubs, and many more stores and businesses in that magical time between dusk and late night.

The Montreal Movie Palaces, a book by the late Dane Lanken, lovingly recounts the marvels of the movie houses that formed part of Canada’s large cosmopolitan city. Dane spoke to us at the March 1999 meeting.

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Book: Ritual by V. Pietropaolo out Feb 1, 2017

Ritual by Vincenzo Pietropaolo –  Available on Feb 2017

Toronto.  I received a nice email from Toronto photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo last Friday announcing his latest book of photographs. Ritual – four decades of the Easter parade in Toronto’s little Italy,  will be printed and available the first of next month. The press release announces that the book will be available directly from Vince who has spoken at our monthly meetings twice (Feb. 2008, March 2012 – see Toronto Notes). The release as written by Vince, is as follows:

“RITUAL is a hard cover book, 216 pages, with over 150 photographs (colour and b&w) of the Good Friday Procession, in Toronto’s Little Italy, from 1969-2015. It is a coffee table book with an embossed cloth cover and dust jacket. Continue reading

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Tony Armstrong-Jones, 1930 – 2017

Anthony Armstrong-Jones, future Lord Snowdon

Toronto. Do you remember him as Lord Snowdon? Famous photographer Armstrong-Jones married Royalty (princess Margaret) in May, 1960. The Toronto Star for last Friday announced his death at 86.

While we have heard little about the illustrious photographer in recent years, he was truly famous in the late 1960s through the late 1990s.

My thanks to George Dunbar for bringing this sad ending to my attention.

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PHSC Newsletter 16-8

Click icon above for the January 2017 issue of our PHSC News

Toronto. Our first newsletter of 2017 was sent to our MailChimp list last evening. We begin this edition with a story about Hamilton and ice fishing illustrated with 104 year old John Boyd’s c1919 photograph.

Our January meeting is covered in “PHSC PRESENTS” while last month’s meeting is summarized under “IT HAPPENED”.

Check out these and many more stories in this issue of editor David Bridge’s latest release of the ever popular PHSC News (and kudos to Sonja Pushchak for the innovative and articulate layout).

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April, 1980 portrait with Leitz Thambar and a Leica M4 camera

Toronto. A century or more ago a trend in photography called Pictorialism took place and photography merged with art resulting in soft, slightly fuzzy and some times grainy images in monochrome tones usually other than black.

Leitz belatedly responded with their 9cm portrait lens called Thambar. The Thambar first hit the market in 1935 and by 1949 it was gone.  Less than 3,000 were made but the strange lens missed the pictorialism movement. After the war years, interest shifted to sharp images once again. The f/2.2 soft-focus Thambar used peripheral spherical aberration to create the softness when the lens was used near its wide-open apertures. A special disk with a silvered spot was used to block central light rays.

I picked up my 1938 Thambar in December 1979 during one of my casual lunch-time walks downtown in Toronto. The massive industrial looking lens was like a 200m Telyt in design – black with a bit of soft chrome. The Thambar was difficult to use effectively – one had to experiment with f/stop, lighting, etc. Without the silvered spot filter and stopped down, the lens had the characteristic Leitz sharpness.

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Viktor Kolar – Canada 1968 – 1973

Viktor Kolar Exhibit at Stephen Bulger Gallery One January – February 2017

Toronto. Stephen Bulger of Stephen Bulger Gallery dropped me a note announcing this exhibition by Czech photographer Viktor Kolar in his Gallery One at 1026 Queen St West (doors west of Ossington Av).

The exhibit runs from January 21, 2017 to February 18, 2017. Kolar fled to Austria in 1968 when his country was invaded and from there he immigrated to Vancouver, Canada (he later moved back home and now lives in Prague).

Kolar photographed across Canada  in that half decade – a fitting look at us on the 150th anniversary of our nation.

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