Photos by Kirk – II

Fleck by Lansdale

Fleck by Lansdale

Toronto. Our speaker for June was Jamie Day Fleck who gave an engaging talk and video on Bronx photographer Kirk. She did the video as part of her Masters at Ryerson. The slightly under a half hour video was followed by a detailed analysis of why and how she took the clips.

Jamie noted that her documentary covers three concepts: firstly the history and work of the Armenian-American photographer Kirk, secondly the importance of studio photography in the 20s – 40s (many people exist only in their photos), and finally raising awareness of the Turkish genocide of Armenians in Turkey which took place 100 years ago this year.

Jamie used a DSLR camera – the Canon 5D Mk II – to shoot the clips for this video. As a professional photographer she noted that she preferred to work with equipment she knew. The video is an excellent tribute to her meticulous care in recording the clips and creating a story line that is easily followed by her audience.  Well done, Jamie.

Note: A more complete review will appear in our next newsletter and the fall edition of Photographic Canadiana.

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