ol’ two (three) eyes

Cover of Stereo Realist Manual c1954.

Toronto. The art of stereo predates photography. Every half century or so this niche art becomes popular once again and companies publish papers and books; make movies; and even make cameras devoted to stereo. Even Kodak jumped in at one point with a 35mm Kodak Stereo Camera (c1954-59). I borrowed one from a PHSC member to try out a few shots.

Mid last century, an expensive and well built 35mm camera called the Stereo Realist was produced and sold by David White Co. of Milwaukee (David White Company has more details shown here). At the time, it was more than a Leica!

When Morgan and Lester of “Leica Manual” fame wrote their manual shown here, covering not only the Realist, but stereo photography along the lines of the many Leica Manual editions with chapters by guest authors. Many of the illustrations are actual stereo photos readily viewed in 3D using the included viewer. The introduction was by Actor Harold Lloyd – a well known stereo enthusiast. In 1976 “Photographic Memorabilia” even reprinted the instruction booklet for the Realist.

Note: The title of this post is a play on the nick-name for Frank Sinatra – “old blue eyes”. Here is one of old blue eyes’ favourite songs, “Strangers in the Night“.


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