not your father’s Elmar…

The Elmar lens in an enlarger and copy stand mount

Toronto. Post war, the Elmar went to the DOOGS. The little camera mounted collapsible Elmar was redesigned as a reproduction and enlarging lens in a much more practical lens mount and the elements were coated to reduce the internal reflections.

The DOOGS used an extension ring called a DOORX to extend the lens the correct distance for the enlarger. The lens and ring combination was coded as a DOOIT. Without that ring the lens was used as a reproduction lens. The design was a short lived (1951-1953) bridge from the VAROB and little collapsible Elmars to the FOCOTAR, the professional enlarging lens made by Leitz.

I bought my lens in August of 1986 from Roger Pelham.  It was an early version made in 1951. I tracked down the DOORX extension tube locally much earlier in February of 1979 at Henrys downtown when they had imported and were selling off a whack of stuff they bought from a Chicago store.

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