Newsletter 11-7

Newsletter 11-7 November 2011. From left: Cover, Flammang camera. Aeronautical Museum. Canadians at the Symposium. Salmon in the Humber River. A novel rare wood camera body. Bob Carter, our webmaster, marks fifteen years on the web.

Another marvellous newsletter from editor Bob Lansdale. Thirteen pages of news and information for the collector and photography enthusiast. News on our speaker this month and her revelation of COLOUR photographs from the battles of World War 2 (November 11 is remembrance day here in Canada). More on the mystery camera discussed last month and the Flammang Camera Co. Dennis Cannon visiting from BC watches the return of salmon in Toronto’s Humber river and visits the Aeronautical Museum in Hamilton. A photo essay on the recent PhotoHistory symposium at GEH in Rochester. In closing this issue, Bob Lansdale snuck in a note reminding us that our society has had a presence on the Web for 15 years.

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