made in the shade

Left the FIKUS for Leica lenses from 35mm to 135mm; right FISON for the 5cm Elmar

Toronto. Stompin’ Tom wrote a song of the same name in 1986. (And, yes, I have the CD too.) Before the second world war, lenses were uncoated as optical coating was still to be invented. When Leitz made the Leica interchangeable in 1930, it offered a number of lenses. To help the contrast, sunlight had to come from behind the photographer. This was common advice to all amateur photographers.

Lens hoods or sun shades helped as long as the sun did not actually hit the film. Leitz marketed many different types of hoods over the years. Some came with the lens, like the hood for my Summicron, and some did not, creating a modest after market. Above I show the variable lens hood, the FIKUS and the fixed 5cm hood for the Elmar, the FISON. These examples are both post war but both hoods were offered from the  1930s. While mine are marked Leitz Germany, the original design was by Leitz NY!

Today, we never worry about such trivialities. Either the smartphone comes sans hood or the digital camera includes that seldom used accessory.

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