le magasin des Galeries Lafayette de Paris en 1912

Galaries Lafayette, Paris

Toronto. What a wonderful use of photography – and architecture! A 1912 photograph shows how the Lafayette Galaries (retail department store) used natural lighting at their flagship store in Paris with this beautiful dome. The new store opened in 1912. Check it out on Google maps!

The huge open area reminds me of the Toronto Reference library at Asquith and Yonge!

Galaries Lafeyette is still in operation today as an international chain. The flagship Paris store offers clothing from off the shelf budget wear to high fashion. Same location as in 1912.

Their website shows some of goods n offer, while the Wikipedia site shows international stores in operation, closed, and planned. My thanks to Russ Forfar for thoughtfully emailing me his find on facebook. By the way, the photo was posted by a person with the nom de plumeLumière de l’Atelier” – check his blog for his fascinating lighting creations.


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