Karl goes digital

Digitizing Zotán Glass Photo

Toronto. Mankind has always been fascinated with transportation: horses, trains, bicycles, cars, ships, aircraft, etc. As a kid I always thought Henry Ford invented the automobile. Not so! Ford adapted the assembly line to automobile manufacture and dropped the cost and price so any of his employees could afford a car, like his Model T.

The invention of the first practical automobile was in Germany in 1885 by Karl Benz, whose company evolved into Daimler-Benz,  makers of the famous Mercedes-Benz.  In 2009, Mark Green of the Science and Media Museum in Bradford, England told how the museum was commissioned by  Daimler AG to digitize 10,000 motoring photographs taken in the 1930s by Zoltán Glass like this photo of Hans Stuck in a  Mercedes-Benz SSK racing car.

My humble thanks to George Dunbar for the patience to find this page and the decision to copy me, Thanks George – a great find.

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