Jack be nimble

Jack gets ready

Toronto. The Donald upset many high level politicians. He dissed friendly states and embraced enemy states. He told porkies galore. He is reviled by many in his own party. His idea of reconciliation is to blame everything on the opposition or on leaders of friendly countries.

Shown here is a photo op taken with the North Korean dictator. A videographer seems to be ready and a stills photographer is caught literally leaping into position. Our esteemed leader to the south couldn’t be puffed up more… We can accept many things from the US given its version of democracy (at least to those of us familiar with the Canadian version), but when top Republicans go on record and abandon ship (or are pushed), things begin to smell up here when a south wind blows.

Thanks again to my good friend George Dunbar for sharing this whimsical bit of history with me and the photographic fraternity in general. On a side note, like many Canadians, I too have relatives that came from the USA, lived there, or are there now. And we are always envious of the American retail business and their propensity to innovate so many things we use and take for granted.


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