Amalgamated Photo History Newsletters

Toronto. Since we are unable to hold our regular monthly meetings – the pandemic dropped the curtain on us – members received this pdf version of the amalgamated newsletters from our exchange members who gave their blessing for inclusion in this venture.

I hinted this package was coming in my June 18, 2020 post, “coping with COVID“. In that post I mention, ” … we elected to compile other material in pdf files ready to send to members IF they supplied an email address AND had a fast enough internet connection to receive the 2mb or so pdf files. …”.

Well, the file (just over 7 MB, not 2 MB) went out this morning as promised. If you didn’t get it and get our newsletters, drop me a note ( I will verify you are a 2020/2021 member and send off a copy. If you are a current member and didn’t see a copy, please check your junk folder. This and all other specials will only be sent to paid members. Not one yet? No big deal – pull your plastic and use the PayPal set up at the top right of this web page.

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