fold it up and tuck it in your pocket

Zeiss Ikon Folder with fast Compur shutter and Tessar lens

Toronto. I often think “Kodak” when I see a folder (a pocket-sized camera that unfolds a bellows to keep film and lens separated the correct distance) since I was used to my Dad’s Kodak Brownie Six-20 folder which he used for decades.

At the coming estate auction on November 17th, one lot has a Zeiss-Ikon folder of a rather high end construction. The shutter is a Compur running from a second to a speedy 1/500th of a second plus a B (bulb) setting. The lens is a famous f/3.5 75mm Tessar design. This camera may use the still offered 120 roll film (suggested by the lens focal length).

Come on down on the 17th and add this piece of history to your collection!

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