‘fast’ negative colour film

showing what the latest ISO 400 colour film can do – courtesy of Lomograohy

Toronto. Our friends at Lomography sent me a note the other day announcing the latest 35mm color film they offer. This color negative film is rated at ISO 400.

I know, kinda slow for all you digital guys out there, but both fast and less contrasty for die-hared film fans.

Birgit Buchart of Lomography (birgit.buchart@lomography.com) says in part, “LomoChrome Color ’92 is a regular color negative film designed to capture everyday life with a hint of ’90s nostalgia.

“Featuring a powerful film grain, it delivers a soft and mesmerizing look in the sun and brings a subtle, painterly look to photos taken at dusk. Vibrant reds and clean yellows pop out amongst fascinating blue tones, while delicate pastel undertones take everyday snaps to a new dimension.

“This highly versatile ISO 400 emulsion allows photographers to photograph in different lighting conditions and can be easily developed using standard C-41 processing.”

Visit the Lomography site and pick up a roll or two!

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