fairy tales

don’t believe all you see …

Toronto. … or don’t believe all you see … People believed photographs captured ‘real’ events. Many viewers had no idea that double exposures and other manipulations could be done to hoodwink the gullible. Those tormented souls of last century or even late in the one before last who believed in seances, and talking to the dearly departed, were willing to believe a fake photograph.

Arthur Conan Doyle, the doctor famous for his Sherlock Holmes stories was one who believed in ghosts and seances. Doyle was convinced the fairy photographs taken by two young girls – cousins – was the real deal. He believed they confirmed his belief in the supernatural.

The photographs appeared in 1920 – the so called “Cottingley Fairies” photographs. The tale is nicely captured on  “The Hoax Museum Blog“. Visit the site and enjoy the things that made people believe.

There is a saying,”You can fool all the people some of the time, etc.”, once attributed to Abraham Lincoln but later refuted. Sadly, photographs, like anything else, can be faked. Caveat Emptor!

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