engine, engine, number 14

Toronto. We held our 14th ZOOM exec meeting Wednesday evening. And Celio out did himself in arranging this meeting and investigation alternate ZOOM features. The third wave still has Toronto under total lockdown and stay at home status. ALL live events continue to be cancelled and our monthly meeting venue (North York Memorial Hall) remains closed. Meantime, vaccination race is slowly winning out.

The May issue of our newsletter, ‘PHSC News’, goes next week to nearly 1,900 addresses (sign up at news@phsc.ca for your free pdf copy). Members get specials plus the journal via pdf. (contact me if you are a member and HAVE NOT seen the pdfs). Some members have unsubscribed to MailChimp; some emails are invalid; and others have no email on file with us or with MailChimp. Questions? Drop me a note at info@phsc.ca.

Note this post title is a riff on the old kids song, “Engine, Engine, Number 9“.

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