The Amateur Photographer et al

The Amateur Photographer, summer, 1940

Toronto. Post WW2 we became very American-centric whereas we focused on Britain prewar and during the war years. Many of our books and nearly all magazines come from the States today and we seem to have forgotten the wealth of material produced in England.

I have a couple of copies of the long running weekly ‘The Amateur Photographer’ plus lots of books by Hove, Focal Press, and even one by Thames and Hudson. Many of my books on photography and camera collecting came from Focal Press and Hove in England.

My good friend and fellow PHSC member, George Dunbar, emailed me a wonderful link the other day that sent me searching for my old copies of Amateur Photographer (July 17, 24, 1940). George found this link to a history of AP and the magazines it absorbed. The site, Photographic Memorabilia, looks very dated but was last updated just a few weeks ago. A big thanks to George for sharing this link with us in his search for photographic history. Note that the magazine has slowly increased in price but is still being published!

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