Edward Burtynsky – Anthropocene

Palm Oil Plantation in Borneo – by Ed Burtynsky

Toronto. I first learned about Ed Burtynsky and his large camera prints of how we are affecting the world when I saw Jennifer Baichwal’s  Manufactured Landscapes at TIFF in 2006. I did a post on Ed a decade later in 2016 after an article appeared in the New Yorker.

I discovered Ed is a Toronto photographer known for his use of large cameras. I next saw one of his huge prints of the Three Gorges Dam in China at the AGO during our February 2009 outing at the AGO, A Night at the Gallery with Maia Sutnik.

He recently was featured along with Jennifer Baichwal in a third film called Anthropocene in which the above scene appears. My thanks to long time friend and fellow PHSC member Dennis Cannon for mentioning in his September 28th email that the film is appearing now in Toronto.

Dennis writes, “A  new film was  released to-day – ANTHROPOCENE and is playing at The Bell LIghtbox Theatre on King Street in Toronto until October 5th.

“The trailer is on YouTube.

“We’ll see this film, the third completing  a Trilogy by Ed Burtynsky.”

If you are interested in our environment (and we all should be) be sure to see this film. Ed’s work is stunning.

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