Early Leica goes for nearly $2M dollars!

The 19th WestLicht camera auction held on the 28th of May and featuring 721 lots has broken many records worldwide: The highlight was lot number 1 with an estimated price of between 350.000 to 450.000 Euro. After a tough bidder battle starting at 200.000 Euro, lasting for 20 minutes, the highlight of the auction, the extremely rare Leica of the 0-series from 1923, sold for a staggering 1.320.000 Euro (USD 1.900.000) including premium. The bidder, a private collector from Asia, is with this buy the new owner of the most expensive camera ever sold worldwide. Click http://www.westlicht-auction.com/index.php?lang=3 to learn more about the auction and its lots and see a video of this bid.

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