… deja vu all over again.

Holmes Stereo Viewers

Toronto. Exclaimed Yogi Berra, the NY Yankees’ master of mangled metaphors. He may have been referring to our auctions – or the lot with the box of stereo viewers (every collection needs at least one Holmes Stereo Viewer).

If your collection is missing one, drop in at our March 15, 2020 auction and remedy the situation. This lot of viewers is just one of many with enticing goodies for the collector or camera user – film or digital!

As a little boy, I once visited the nearby farm of a relative. I was led to a soft, comfy living room chair and given a strange looking device while the adults chatted in another room. Next to the chair was a table holding a basket-full of photos on stiff, slightly curved cards, two images per card. An aunt (?) showed me how to place a card in viewing position and adjust the focus to my young eyes. To my wonder, black and white scenes appeared in striking stereo! I spent the rest of the visit in that chair admiring each stereo view.

Remember, this was before television, when home entertainment usually meant  books or radio plus the odd magazine. Sadly, most newspapers and magazines had few articles of the slightest interest to a youngster. On a farm like that of my relatives, books and magazines were few in those days. And any 78 r.p.m. music records were for adults to dance to when the records were placed on an old wind-up Victrola machine. Ahh, such an idyllic time when we were young and carefree!

When I saw this lot of viewers, it was … deja view all over again.

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