Daguerre by Gernsheim

L.J.M. DAguerre

Toronto. Dover Publications in New York made their name by reproducing select out of print books (those strange things you can read without recourse to technology … ) in soft cover using signature sewn pages and quality paper. Today books are antique novelties bought in an ever shrinking choice of retail outlets.

I bought this book on Daguerre August 25, 1976 – two years after the PHSC was formed. The Gernsheims also authored the massive History of Photography book I bought in Montreal in 1971.

The subtitle is The History of the Diorama and the Daguerreotype. The book covers the pre-photographic days of the diorama, the electrifying announcement of photography in January 1839 and its enthusiastic adoption around the world in the following months.

The Dover publication was first done in 1968 using text that was published back in 1956! Nearly 70 years old today. The Dover edition has some 124 illustrations including many of the photographs by Daguerre which became famous long before 1956 book went to press.

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