Camera Tales – Cirkut Camera Again

The famous Cirkut Panoramic Camera

Toronto. Late last November I did a post about the  Cirkut camera called Clocks for Seeing. The author of the Clocks for Seeing article, David Firman, has recently been in touch with journal editor Bob Lansdale and included Bob’s contribution in a foot note to his expanded article on the Cirkut camera.

The foot note says, “Many thanks to Robert Lansdale, PC Editor of the Photographic Historical Society of Canada (PHSC) for making me aware of William J. Johnson’s Canadian roots as well as the role of his partner Fred W. Brehm in refining the early design of the Cirkut. The PHSC was formed in 1974 to advance the knowledge of and interest in the history of photography, particularly of photography in Canada. The PHSC website at has a wealth of information about historic cameras, processes and images. It’s well worth a visit.”

Firman posted another series of Camera Tales on his blog site WalkClickMake. The current series of tales, in addition to the Cirkut Panoramic Camera, are: The Nikon FM & FE; The Horizont; The Omega D2 Enlarger; The Wista 4″x5″ Field Camera; and The Cambo 4″x5″ Monorail View Camera.

Take a look and enjoy!

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