Image Show April 19th 2015

ImageShow2015-smToronto. PHSC announces its third annual Image Show. To be held at the Royal Canadian Legion 101 Hall on the Lake Shore just west of Brown’s Line. Admission is $7 (student’s with ID enter free). Admission includes the speakers during the afternoon.

Click here or the icon to see the times and address. Would you like a table? Click here for the table reservation form. Need more information? Email Ashley Cook at

Everyone is welcome.


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Krentz and Hubbell to speak at April 19th Image Show

deckleWe are pleased to learn from our Vice President, Ashley Cook, that two speakers will be presenting at PHSC’s coming Image Show. If you have images for sale and haven’t yet arranged for a table, click here for the Vendor Form.

Regular readers of Photographic Canadiana will already be familiar with the work of Anna Krentz, this year’s PPCM Thesis Prize winner. We are delighted to have her present her thesis, “Snapshots with an Edge: A Study of The Deckle Edge in the North American Snapshot.Continue reading

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October 1948 gelatine silver print of U of C class. Black Star Collection, Ryerson.

October 1948 gelatine silver print of U of C class. Black Star Collection, Ryerson.

Ryerson Image Centre Symposium
March 26 – 28
School of Image Arts
Ryerson University
122 Bond St, Toronto

Ryerson presents its fourth symposium on photography. Click here for a description of the topics and speakers. The speakers are well known and a few have spoken at the PHSC meetings on other topics. We are delighted to have such a great symposium here in downtown Toronto – and the limited seating is free on a first come first serve basis. This pdf file gives further details including speaker biographies and a precis of each talk.

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An Early History of IMAX

An early IMAX movie mechanism

An early IMAX movie mechanism

Toronto. Back in the days when the inventors of Imax were developing a film for Ontario Place and before any first run theatres played Imax or before it became a means for first run movies, a small group of Seneca College film students decided to interview and record the creators of Imax and its objectives.

The sound man on the project was our very own president. Mark Singer. Mark projected one of handful of copies of the movie his class at Seneca put together decades ago. The film is interspersed with 16mm clips courtesy of IMAX. These clips went on to promote IMAX and today IMAX is used to show many first run movies as well as specials created specifically to take advantage of IMAX. This is one of thermoses Mark showed tonight at the March 18, 2015 Movie Night. Hats off to Mark for this nifty interview of the folks who made IMAX a reality. N.B. even today Mark is our very talented audio-video expert.

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Next Toronto Meeting is a Movie Night

20050529-013731-Montreal projector_0086NEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wed, March 18, 2015.
Every third Wednesday except for July and August in the summer, we hold a meeting in Toronto beginning at 7:30pm with members offering and exchanging items from their collection.

At 8:00pm we begin our formal meeting, often with a special speaker or occasionally with a movie. There is good fun for all so come on out and meet other photographers and collectors and see a great movie or listen to our speaker discuss a topic of interest to all collectors.

Thus week we will have  movie night courtesy of our president Mark Singer.

The public is welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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Bye-bye little Rollei

Rollei-ToolsToronto. My friend Russ Forfar sent me this heads up today. Collectors the world over will be saddened at the demise of the familiar Rolleiflex line. When I was a kid,  the twin lens reflex made by Rollei was a famous alternative to a Leica or Contax, and touted for its much larger 2 1/4 inch square negative.

Rollei designs were so popular that they were copied by many other companies including numerous Japanese factories. I once bought a Yashica knock off of the Rolleiflex 4×4 camera for my sister when she was in high school. The 4×4 used the smaller 127 film rather that 120 film so processing was a bit cheaper but you still ended up with a bigger negative than 35mm film offered. Continue reading

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Newsletter 14-10

Our friend Ken Metcalf needs info on this fine Caywood Flash and its original box

Our friend Ken Metcalf needs info on this fine Caywood Flash and its original box

Toronto. The latest newsletter had been completed by editor David Bridge primarily to advertising the auction this coming Sunday. The main features are the auction, and the February meeting report.

Last month the PHSC met at the Market Gallery in Toronto to learn about the history of member Harry Joy and the view an exhibit of his photographs plus those of Doug Hemmy and Andy Brooks.

If you can help Ken Metcalf regarding the Caywood Flash at left, drop him a note.

The 3rd PHSC Image Show next month also has a page. And we wrap up with some of our regular columns such as Photo Links, Current Events and Want Ads. Click here or on the icon at left to read or print this latest edition of our newsletter!

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Finalists in 2015 Scotiabank Photography Award

Rafael Goldchain as Edmund Precelman

Rafael Goldchain as Edmund Precelman

Toronto. My favourite newspaper, the Globe and Mail, announces the finalists in this year’s Scotiabank Photography award.

One of the finalists who will be familiar to our members is Rafael Goldchain who spoke to us back in January 2008 as he coordinated Sheridan College’s move to the digital age, leaving its silver-based photography era to fade into history.

There are a selection of images shown on the newspaper site, but Mr Goldchain’s stand out for their quality and innovation. Have a look and enjoy the display of images!

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PHSC Auction this Sunday, March 15, 2015

20150205-142844-image-smToronto. Dust off your wallet and join us this Sunday down at the Legion Hall on Lakeshore just west of Brown’s Line (bottom of highway 27/427). Click the icon at left for the details, time and location.

We have cameras, books, enlargers, accessories and more. Click here for a show of just a few of the items (click on the first item and start to scroll see the selection. Click on any item to see a full size image). More images follow… Continue reading

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Amazing Slow Motion Video

HaveACokeBuffalo NY. Reader and stereo photographer Paul Pasquarello of Buffalo NY sent me this interesting video.

We can all remember slow motion film frames of yesteryear. As a youth I remember seeing Edgerton’s amazing high speed flash shots and replicating them with an old Ultrablitz flash at a slower 1/4000 second.  Imagine the capabilities of modern day cameras recording over 1,000 frames per second.

In this video, a pistol is used to shoot a bullet at various containers…

Paul writes. “I only noticed it in one of the shots but early in the video, look at the Maple Syrup bottles (two) and see the first begin to fracture from the on coming pressure wave of the bullet before it is actually struck.  ( At the 57 second mark in the video )  Also, the way a bullet acts while going through and after hitting something similar to a human body is evident in the way it tumbles after going through the Jelly and Peanut Butter jars.

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Documentary Filmmaker Albert Maysles Dies At 88

MayslesNew York. Thanks to reader George Dunbar who advised me of this interesting post on the legendary Maysles bothers. Albert and his late brother David were well known and respected American documentary film makers. The brothers were best known for documentary films like the 1970’s Gimme Shelter. This documentary followed the Rolling Stones tour to the disastrous show  in Altamont CA.

The link George sent me was from NPR, a public news source in the States that prides itself on quality reporting.



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