Show and Tell 2016

show-and-tell-talk-december-2016-v1-smNEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wed, December 21, 2016: Show and Tell, Gift Exchange, Silent Auction

That time of the year again! Merry Christmas everyone! Sonja Pushchak drew up this image to announce our coming meeting.

It is a tradition for the PHSC to have a Show and Tell night for the last meeting of  the year. Our programme coordinator, Les Jones suggested this year’s theme is “small” –  things photographic (including cameras) that are small.

As usual there will be a gift exchange and a silent auction.

The public is welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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PHSC Meetings 2016-7

PHSC Meeting Program Nov 2016 – June 2017

Toronto. Programme Chair Les Jones has done his usual superlative job lining up our Toronto program right through to June of next year and our celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Les mentioned to me Wednesday that the May 2017 program will take place at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and is titled “The Family Camera“. The ROM plans to allocate over 5,000 square feet to a display of both family cameras and family prints.

Click on the icon at left or here to see the events by month. The special layout of the meeting schedule was created by Sonja Pushchak of the PHSC.

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Neil Leifer, Sports Photographer

The great Gordie Howe by Neil Leifer

Gordie Howe by Neil Leifer

Toronto. The great sports photographer Neil Leifer‘s greatest photographs have been sold at auction.

His work was reviewed in this  Globe article December 1, 2016 just a couple of days before the photos were auctioned off down in New York City.

To learn more, visit Neil Leifer’s web site here.

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Lost America Found

Portrait - from a Glass Plate found c1960 outside Camera Craft in Barrie.

Portrait – from a Glass Plate found c1960 outside Camera Craft in Barrie.

Toronto. Today we have a multitude of old photos – nameless people and places, Some faded, some still pristine like the sample at the left.

When I was a kid in Barrie, Joe Waterer had a camera store downtown called Camera Craft. One day (c1960) I noticed stacks of glass plate negatives by his store next to his garbage bins. Needing a small strip of glass for something I was building, I took two home with Joe’s approval.

Although a bit soft as was the fashion back then, the plates had such good contrast that I kept them. Either Joe or more likely his predecessor had exposed the plates in a studio setting. In another century (this one) I scanned the plates and reversed them to show the positive view of the young gentleman in the portrait.

If you are fascinated by old images, have a look here at a site my friend George Dunbar discovered. The site is called  Lost America Found and is managed by Alan Radecki of California on Google’s which seems to be replicated here on Google’s Canadian blog site,

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Daguerreotypes and YouTube


Daguerreotype – John Rochon Collection

Toronto. My friend and PHSC member, photographer Harold Staats, dropped me a note a few days back on the 29th of last month. He suggested this video on YouTube.

In this video, one of many about early photographic processes on YouTube, John S. Rochon shows a sample of his daguerreotypes with a brief silent movie style text commentary. All this is to the strains of a piano quietly playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

If you wish to learn more about our early photographic processes, just browse YouTube.

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ROM’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit

ROM Exhibit

ROM Exhibition

Toronto. For the past 52 years the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has hosted an exhibition of wildlife photographs from around the world. You are invited each year to submit your own wildlife photographs in  the competition to be recognized as The Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The best images are displayed in an exhibition at the ROM.

Member Sonja Pushchak created this special poster. To see it, just click on the icon above. PHSC members can use the code on the poster to see the current show which is on now through March at a great discount.

Just follow the instructions for tickets to the exhibition- and be sure to visit the ROM site next year to enter your own wildlife photographs!

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New Sallows Book Available

Sallows Photo Postcard Book now available.

Sallows Photo Postcard Book now available.

Toronto.  Last October we had the pleasure of hearing about Reuben R Sallows through the eyes of postcard specialist Mike Smith.  At the talk Mike mentioned that he and co-author Larry Mohring had an illustrated book on Sallows and his photographic postcards in print.

Mike wrote our editor Bob Lansdale in late November saying, “As promised, here’s the book flier. They’ll be available first week of December. And Larry and I would be more than happy to hand deliver a box to the GTA for PHSC members to avoid postage costs. PHSC members will pay the “show special” of $45 each for books not sent through the mail.”

Click on the icon above for a printable and readable poster. Email me at to reserve a copy for pickup at a Toronto meeting of the PHSC. Delivery is expected this month or next.

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Notman Exhibit at McCord 2016-2017

Red Cap Snowshoe Club - Halifax 1888 - Wm Notman Composite

Red Cap Snowshoe Club – Halifax 1888 – Wm Notman Composite

Toronto. The major repository for all things Notman is the McCord Museum in Montreal across Sherbrooke from McGill University. McCord mounted a Notman exhibition to be displayed from November 4, 2016 to next spring, March 26, 2017.

The exhibition was covered in the Globe last Wednesday (November 30, 2016) in the Arts section. Robert Everett-Green of Montreal wrote the article from the perspective of art today. He suggests the wooden poses and fantasy compositions would be of little value today as art.

Mr Everett-Green offers a contrary view of Notman as a skilled craftsman and businessman rather than an innovative photographer. He seems unaware that Victorian photographic media and equipment demanded longer exposures. Most people were unable to sustain a smile long enough for an exposure and it was almost impossible to get a group to hold a pose long enough for an exposure. Notman solved these two issues by having his subjects hold a firm look and using carefully enacted composites to create his then famous  group photographs.

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PHSC Image Show Fall 2016

Ashley Cook by Robert Lansdale

Ashley Cook by Robert Lansdale

Toronto. In spite of its small size, the latest image show held by the PHSC was a success. While the admissions numbered about 100, they were more than enough for the small room allocated to us by the A&L club.

The choice of a downtown locale, with easy TTC access and near-by parking, was appreciated by all. There appeared to be active sales activity at the various dealer tables.

Congratulations to Ashley Cook for coordinating this, our latest Image Show.

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Photographic Canadiana Issue 42-3

Coffin Building Block - Toronto

Coffin Building Block – Toronto

Toronto. This is our second issue using the new format. Our cover photograph of the 1800s Coffin Block Building is discussed in this issue by editor Lansdale. There is a brief text and photo essay about our fall fair.

For camera enthusiasts, we cover John Kantymir’s example of the Ilex Falling Plate camera. In the days before film various mechanical ways were invented to allow photos to be taken in a quick sequence – falling plate technology was one such method.

The bulk of this issue is taken up with part one of Carla-Jean Stokes’ story and images on optimizing the AGO’s  great war (WW1) photograph collection.

A quartet of book reviews suggest a Christmas gift for the reader while Toronto Notes reviews the September and October speaker presentations. Finally, we have a follow-up and caveat on the business arrangements of Mrs Fletcher.

Members will receive their copy of issue 42-3 next week – we plan to package it for mailing late this week. Not a member? No problem, just fill in the details at the top of the right side bar and click on the PayPal button – no account needed as long as you have a credit card.

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