Feb 21 2019 Auction in the Big Apple

Xie Kitchen by Lewis Carroll – Lot 2

Toronto. Swann Auction Galleries in NYC will be holding their latest Photographs: Art & Visual Culture auction on February 21, 2019 at 1:30 pm. The items can be viewed in person or online. Click the Photographs: link above to see the viewing times and the various lots online.

Drop over to NYC and add to your photographic collection!

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our February 2019 PHSC News

Mitchell Movie Camera BNC

Toronto. Another great newsletter has been wrapped up in a ribbon this week. Editor Pushchak has filled this issue with many delights.

She begins with Broken Rules – the so called Motion Picture Production Code or MPPC that defined our Hollywood movies when I was a kid and a movie goer. On PHSC Presents we see a sample of February speaker Erin Levitsky’s talk on LIFE photographer Nina Leen.

As this is Black History Month, we have an article on Black Hollywood. In the Equipment Review, David Bridge compares film point and shoot cameras by Nikon and Canon before the digital era took hold. John Morden’s Light Me Up covers a unique flash gun and its risks.

And there are posters, (live) Web Links in Louise Freyburger’s popular column, a tale of corsets in the Dot Asks Vi column, and for wrap up, The Classifieds page.

Go for it! Click here or on the above Mitchell Camera icon.


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let’s all go to the movies

1895 Lumiere Bros Projector and more – courtesy of Bridgeman Images

Toronto. As giant screen 4k televisions and a plethora of other computer based screens proliferate, the noisy ad-filled movie house seems destined for the ash can of history – a novelty dragged out to show kids how we were in the olden days.

But over 120 years ago, there were no movies, no television, no computers, just Tom Edison‘s novel one person at a time Kinetoscope attracting viewers in a side show environment- and a whack of others experimenting with photography and motion.

When I opened Wednesday’s Globe, there it was in full colour – the Lumière Brothers Movie camera patented that day in 1895. And for the first time in 1895 Europe a movie short could be projected on a screen and seen by more than one person at a time – an audience! If the projector concept wasn’t enough to attract buyers, the Lumière device could also take and print pictures.

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a Graphic in your future?

Pacemaker Graphic ad in the December 1954 Life Magazine

Toronto. Following on yesterday’s post, the Graflex gang also caught the Christmas spirit and recommended their gear as the perfect Christmas gift on page 17 in the December 6th issue of LIFE magazine.

Besides their traditional big Pacemaker Graphic press camera, they offered  a book on the Graphic/Graflex line, a twin lens reflex camera, and a camera, enlarger column & base called the Graphic-Graflarger outfit, designed to use the accompanying  Century Graphic camera as an enlarger after using it for snaps!

Enjoy this shot of nostalgia courtesy of Mr Dunbar (and Happy Valentine’s day – you did remember didn’t you)?

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even stocking stuffers!

Stocking Stuffers under $1
click to see full Kodak Ad

Toronto. George Dunbar is having a great time researching magazines sold well over a half century ago. Looking at them, it is easy to see ads and articles for things familiar to me and George (and some others too) back in the day. In the 1950s Christmas was a big deal. Manufacturers and retailers went out of their way to encourage the purchase of goods not necessarily needed. LIFE magazine on November 29th, 1954 was full of such ads.

Kodak had a big spread on pp 76-7 that year offering gifts for everyone. The stocking stuffers for less than a dollar were just one selection. The marketing mavens at Kodak were bustling with ideas on how you could gift your loved ones to make it a memorable Christmas!

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the mail must go through

Clint (left) and Bob at Gateway in a snow storm.

Toronto. In spite of the nasty weather, PHSC President Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw and journal editor Bob Lansdale lugged the sorted issues of Photographic Canadiana 44-4 to Gateway Postal Centre in Mississauga this morning.

This issue is now finished and with our distributors – and hopefully with our members in a few days.

It took many hands to get 44-4 delivered with the least delay; plus the efforts of our editor. A bad situation made good by the sheer determination of editor Bob Lansdale (and some help from other members). A job well done! Oh yes, except for printing and postal service this was all done by volunteers … True dedication!


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a-sorting we will go

sorting 44-4 at editor Lansdale’s home – photo by his eldest son Robert (editor Lansdale is on the right)

Toronto. Editor Lansdale called last night around 8 pm to ask for a hand to do the postal sort. Bob said this issue has been no end of problems and delays.

I finished up at home and drove the few minutes up to  Bob’s home. By midnight we had all the issues sorted, boxed, labelled, and paid. All that remained was delivery today to Gateway. One possible further headache: A major snow storm was forcast for all day today beginning in early morning.


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the charm of 3D for kids

1955 View-Master Ad

Toronto. My wife had a View-Master and light source and reels when she was little down in New Toronto. A few years later this ad appeared on page 58 of the January 17th, 1955 issue of LIFE magazine.

The charm to children was a tremendous asset for Sawyer, maker of the popular 3D toy. The reels had seven scenes, in colour and in 3D making a thrilling image for young eyes. Some of the reels came with a booklet. They all had cutlines describing each photograph.

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Camerama March 3rd 2019

CAMERAMA March 3 2019
Click icon for more

Toronto. My friend and fellow PHSC member Gary Perry emailed me Friday that his next Camerama show is the first Sunday in March.

He had a good turnout last month so if you need to get some goodies drop in and say hello to him and his table holders. Click icon at left for details or write Gary torontocamerashows@gmail.com to reserve a table.

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unseen images by Robert Frank

Wellfleet Mass. 1962 – Robert Frank

Toronto. In the late 1960s/early 1970s TIME-LIFE in their fine series of books called the “Life Library of Photography” introduced me to many famous photographers, including Robert Frank.

A recent email from George Dunbar included this link to a brief New York Times article on the outtakes from Frank’s 2008 book “The Americans” written on February 4th, 2019 by Jordan G. Teicher. Have a very careful look and see what you can improve in your personal images.

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