The Beauty of the Ambrotype – Ronit Kovak

Ronit Novak and the beauty of the Ambrotype

Ronit Novak and the beauty of the Ambrotype

NEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wed, October 15, 2014.
The Beauty of the Ambrotype – Ronit Novak

Ronit is the Director of Photography at Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines (both print and tablet platforms).

She teaches Historic Photographic Processes with studio instruction in wet-collodion Ambrotypes, Cyanotypes and VanDyke prints at the Haliburton School of Arts, Fleming College. She has taught theory courses in the History of Photography at Sheridan College, and the International Academy of Design and Technology.

Come on out and share an interesting evening with Ronit. The public is welcome.  Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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Easier access to Newsletters

Drop down menu for Newsletters 2014

Drop down menu for the 2014 newsletters

Toronto. Thank God for folks who take the trouble to keep me honest! Les Jones (a past president and program convenor extraordinaire) sent me a note that he noticed the 2014 newsletters seemed to have disappeared from the site.

I realized that after issue 13-3 I had decided the posts of each newsletter would be sufficient. Anyone wanting an earlier issue could simply use the site search box  at the upper right of most pages, or so I thought. Whoops. After thinking it over, I decided I would add the links to the NEWSLETTER menu item for the balance 2013 and newer Newsletters.

That way anyone can see newsletters by membership year and click on the desired link instead of doing a search for “Newsletter 14-1″ or “14-1″, Easy Peasy. Thanks Les. Enjoy.

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PhotoHistory Symposium October 10-12, 2014

TPHS Hosts the 16th Triennial Symposium at George Eastman House

TPHS Hosts the 16th Triennial Symposium at George Eastman House

Rochester, NY. Our friends across the lake are hosting the 16th triennial symposium and camera show this October 10-12, 2014.

Drop down to Rochester and enjoy a great meal and listen to world renown speakers on photographic history. A special camera show is hosted on the last day of the symposium.

Click here or on the  TPSH icon at left for symposium details and directions on signing up. All are welcome.

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PHSC Newsletter 14-4

Flickr has a wealth of images old and new. This image of cars in the winter is from p227 of a 1902 book called "Western Field"

Flickr has a wealth of images old and new. This image of cars in the winter is from p227 of a 1902 book called “Western Field”

Toronto. Welcome back to the fall and work/school again. Editor Bridge has worked hard to come up with this interesting and informative issue.

At the very last minute, our past president Clint called with the “hold the presses” news that  Merkle, a favourite camera store in the east end of Toronto, was closing its doors. See the last page of this newsletter for details directly from the Merkle family.

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Instax & Impossible = Polaroid again?

September 1,1979 at CNE Toronto

A Polaroid print memento 35 years ago from September 1,1979 at CNE Toronto

Toronto. I read with interest in the Globe and Mail this morning that a local camera chain, Henry’s, can’t keep the Fuji Instax film packs in stock due to such high demand.

In the Netherlands a few years back, the Polaroid factory shut and was bought up and restored by a company aptly named the Impossible Project.

These strange little products seem to have found a niche in spite of the thundering onslaught of digit cameras. Have a read of this article by Helen Pike in today’s Report on Business.

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The Big One – new home – Next show October 26, 2014!

Our fall fair poster. Click above poster icon to get a larger colour poster suitable for printing.

Our fall fair poster. Click above  icon to get a larger colour poster suitable for printing.

Our fall photographica-fair will be held October 26th 2014 in its new home at 145 Evans Avenue just east of Islington and south of the QEW/Gardiner.

Our fair co-ordinators spent considerable time over the past months to find an alternative home for our famous photographica-fair. But remember the Hall is smaller so we must insist on tables sold as first come, first sold!

You can see details here courtesy of editor Bob Lansdale who took his camera on site to show all fair exhibitors and visitors the details of our new home.

We have also posted a map courtesy of Google showing the hall’s location and how to get there. For those of you choosing to use the better way, take the Islington 110 South bus from Islington subway or 15 Evans bus from Royal York subway station.

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A photo/camera exhibition  in Toronto spring, 1981 called Riding High. Clcik to see our September speaker

picture taken at a photo/camera exhibition in Toronto during the spring of 1981 called Riding High. Click to see our September speaker by Robert Lansdale.

NEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wednesday, September 17, 2014.
Canada -America, Historic 19th century cycling photographica – Lorne Shields

We welcome back for the start of the fall meetings Lorne Shields with his specially groomed talk called “CANADA ~ AMERICA, HISTORIC 19TH CENTURY CYCLING PHOTOGRAPHICA”.

With each passing month Lorne Shields’ collection of bicycle photographica gets bigger and better. This Canadian guru of bicycle history will enchant us with his latest finds. His previous talks showed us a very specialized and interesting aspect of collection photographica. Concentrating on the photo history of Canada and America, he’ll bring to light new aspects of this Victorian phenomenon that swept the world and changed our modes of transportation.

Come on out and share an interesting evening with Lorne. The public is welcome.  Go to our Programs page for times and directions.


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Camerama Show – Sunday, September 28, 2014

NEW VENUE - Click on icon for more details

NEW VENUE – Click on icon for more details

PHSC member Gary Perry dropped me a note the other day. He advised that his regular venue which had recently suffered a fire, will remained closed until next year.

Please be sure to visit Gary’s show being held at the Scarborough venue listed here in his show poster.

Contact Gary for more details or if you wish to reserve a table.

Gary’s shows have been running for many years and are popular with many PHSC members.

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An Odd British Camera

Newman Sinclair Kine Camera

Newman Sinclair Kine Camera

Member George Dunbar recently came across this c1955 picture of Kim Philby at a London press conference captured by traditional press cameras and this strange device (click on the camera icon at left to see the entire photograph). The photo was on the Toronto Star web site and George speculated whether the odd camera was an early “camcorder”.

This speculation was promptly brought to earth by editor Bob Lansdale who wrote as follows:

“Looking at the background at those press cameras: they ALL have strobe flashes, not a mix of flash bulb and strobe  so it must be well into the 1960s ????  Does the picture come with any ID or date?

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Photographic Canadiana 40-2

Pathe Freres 28mm cine camera c1912

Pathe Freres 28mm cine camera c1912

Our second issue of Photographic Canadiana hit the mails last week. Editor Bob Lansdale has created another fabulous issue for our 40th year. The first article covers the 28mm cine camera. In researching this camera, Bob Wilson recalled he has the companion 28mm projector and a second article was written as Bob Wilson expanded on both the camera and the Pathe projector, both sold a century ago.

Toronto notes covers the April, May, and June meetings beginning with Meredith Reddy’s interesting discussion of the history of super-natural photos. Ms Reddy’s review was followed by Barry Shainbaum’s talk and how photography came to his aid. I found him to be a very engaging and professional speaker as well as a photographic professional. Later in the issue is the May meeting and our 40th anniversary at Campbell House. Thanks to Doug Napier for suggesting the tour and contributing to the refreshments.

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