fair time again – Oct 27, 2019

PHSC Fall Fair Bookmark

Toronto. The PHSC is hosting its Fall Fair – The Big One! – at the pierogi palace once again (Trident Hall at Evans and Islington in the west end). Set Sunday, October 27th aside and come out to see Clint, Mark and the guys and gals.

Lots of great gear available for your collection (or user kit). In addition to authentic pierogis, there is an open bar to quench your thirst as you gather the goodies.  Free Parking – $7 admission (students with ID free) – Join us at the Fair!

And in collaboration with the Toronto Digital Photography Club, we will have a number of photographs on display too. This pdf describes the club efforts at the fair. Note that some of our members also belong to the TDPC.

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I’ll drink to that!

Lomography Sutton Lens kit with camera too.

Toronto. The folks at Lomography are at it again! They have introduced more photographic history in a hands-on DIY way. Their latest venture is a Sutton liquid lens kit. This lens was introduced in the Victorian era by Thomas Sutton. Lomography’s version is complete with a working cardboard camera in kit form.

If you are a fan of film in this era of digital – or of historic lenses and processes – have a gander at the press kit the folks released on October 21st.

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another point of view

16 488 PAMOO 5x magnifier (90 degree)

Toronto.  The Reprovit IIa is a high end professional copy stand. The connector for the framing/focussing light can be exchanged for a visual right angle 5x magnifier for visual framing/focussing a 2D or 3D subject. This device is a PAMOO painted to match the Reprovit II a stand. Its replacement is coded as 16 488 by Leitz.

Any modern-day SLR has through the lens framing/focussing eliminating any need for the over engineered and incredibly well made 16 488 (PAMOO) and the associated focoslide and bellows.

If you want one for your collection, try our photographica-fair this month or  our estate auction next month!

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light in the box

my light box – about a foot per side

Toronto. Continuing with the copy theme, one big challenge is lighting three dimensional objects so shadows are softened and the object is modelled by the lighting. One easy technique is to use a light box. This accessory has soft pure white translucent cloth sides, top, and bottom with an opening in front for a camera. Being cloth and springs, the boxes fold flat for storage.

Any light source – even sunlight – can illuminate an object placed inside the box. The exterior lights can be moved to best illuminate the subject item, or the box can be moved (necessary if you choose sunlight as a light source).

Coloured cloth inserts can add contrast to an object and the camera opening can be made small by another piece of translucent fabric so the taking camera is not obviously reflected on the surface of the subject item inside. Various size boxes are offered – mine is a cube roughly a foot long on each side. They are great for either film or digital taking cameras.

You can pick one up – complete with exterior lights on little tripods – at the PHSC fair this month (like I did some years ago) or see if one shows up in an auction lot next month.

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copy that!

top of the line Reprovit-II by Leitz for the MDa camera or an SLR (with attachment)

Toronto. One of the tasks a serious photographer does is copy work. It can be a book, a photo, a camera, a lens, accessories, negatives, bugs, stamps, etc. When a great many items must be copied, a copy stand is necessary for efficiency. Lighting at 45 degrees on both sides makes for a good copy with neither glare nor deep shadows.

Copy stands can range from massive professional stands like the Reprovit-II made by Leitz to cheap amateur stands made to take many different makes of SLR cameras. A popular well built brand favoured by professionals who do occasional copies is the Kaiser line.

For film or digital, come down to our photographica-fair this month, or our estate auction in November. A copy stand might just catch your eye…

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bright lights

Mighty-Mole in Nov 2019 Estate Auction Lot

Toronto. In the days of film, studios used lights like the Mighty-Mole to illuminate a scene or portrait (flood) and another to provide back lighting or modelling (spot).  Such attention to detail is the mark of a professional.

Similar lighting today with digital cameras can create the same style but at far higher camera speeds and/or smaller apertures since the ISO rating for digital is so much higher than for film.

Come on down to our photographica-fair this month or our auction next month to find lighting gems like this and possibly backdrops too.

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marking time

GraLab timer in a lot at the November Auction

Toronto. Mid last century, the big deal in timers was the massive GraLab series. Now a days these beautiful instruments of a by-gone era are often collectibles – or pop up in a kitchen or living room as a practical timer or just a talking piece.

Join us at the fall fair the end of this month and see if you can find a GraLab. If not, there is one in a lot at next month’s Estate Auction.

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scary movies

Castle Films super 8 mm Horror Movie with a giant tarantula spider

Toronto. Terry Lagler dropped by Wednesday at our regular Toronto meeting to show two reels of Castle Movie compilations.

The theme was horror movies in general and halloween in particular. The show began with an old cartoon about skeletons followed by a number of horror movies. Like all Castle Movies, each was a 10 minute or so “reader’s digest” version of a regular hour or two movie.

Castle films recorded the highlights for each movie, occasionally making their truncated versions hard to follow unless you remembered seeing the longer movie. It was a great evening with coffee, treats, and popcorn for all courtesy of John and Sonja (Sonja also made the halloween special mini-muffins with eye-balls and other gory bits to suit the occasion.

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need a Flektogon 25mm plus an Exakta?

Exakta c1960 with f/4 25mm Zeiss Flektogon lens

Toronto. The Exakta brand is well known in collector and user circles. Exaktas were the earliest 35mm (kine) SLRs and were available new into the 1960s. The Flektogon f/4 25mm lens made by Zeiss Jena was only made for about three years (1960-62) making it far rarer.

The Flektogon was sold for the Exakta mount or a Leica M42 mount.  You may be able to find one at our fall fair in a couple of weeks, or as a lot next month in our estate auction. What makes this lens attractive is its ancestry (Zeiss) and extreme wide-angle, especially for an SLR camera design. A retro focus design (reverse telephoto) was mandatory for even many normal lens to clear the camera’s mirror.

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THA this Saturday with Wendy Smith

THA October 19, 2019 1:30pm

Toronto. This Saturday, October 19th, 2019 the Toronto Historical Association (THA) will host a talk on old Toronto by Historian Wendy Smith at Campbell House on the north west corner of Queen and University.

Please RSVP at info@torontohistory.net to be sure of a place at Campbell House.

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latest ESHPh newsletter sent to all members

ESHPh Autumn newsletter

Toronto. The latest issue of the European Society’s newsletter (Autumn 2019) was mailed to all members recently. We and they have been exchange members for many years. I always check for Canadian items and I see our auction has made the calendar this time (November 17th).

Take a few minutes and have a read of this newsletter to see what our cousins are up to this fall!


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