Camerama January 25, 2015

Camera-show-Jan-2015-smToronto. Our first post of the new year is to announce member Gary Perry’s latest camera show.

Camerama will be the first show this year. Gary tells us the show will once again be held in the east end Delta Hotel East at Kennedy and the 401.

Details are shown here on Gary’s poster.

Come out and enjoy the chance to sell something you no longer need and buy a new nifty gadget for your growing collection or get a new user lens, body, lights etc.

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Newsletter 14-8

14-8-Harry-JoyToronto. Just when I think the newsletter can’t get any better, Editor David Bridge delivers another super issue. First off he note that our speaker this month as a young lady by the name of Summer Leigh. Summer shows a unique then and now using two centuries old paintings by the wife of John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada (modern day Ontario). The followed by a report on our December show and tell by your webmaster. We mention member Harry Joy’s coming exhibition at the Marker Gallery, notice of many PHSC events and a new Letters to the Editor column. Louse Freyburger has her New Photo Links column followed by the usual Current Events and Want Ads columns. Click here to read or print this edition.

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The Past is Never Far – Summer Leigh

AllanGardens_watermark-smNEXT TORONTO MEETING: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015
Summer Leigh is the artist behind The Past is Never Far, a photographic series that explores the extraordinary changes Toronto has experienced since its founding in the 18th century. Ms Leigh held her first camera at the age of 4 and has been an avid photographer ever since. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto, where she currently lives.

The inspiration for this series came from Elizabeth Simcoe’s paintings. In experiencing Toronto’s wildness through Simcoe’s work, Ms Leigh sought out the Simcoe locations and re-documented them 220 years later. Revisiting the sites, she noticed little nuances of the past which caused a deeper appreciation for the spaces we occupy today. Those little hints of the past, like the muddiness still at Fort York, helped Summer realize the past is never far.

The public is welcome.  Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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Library of Birmingham Photography Collections at Risk

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid by Francis Bedford

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid by Francis Bedford

Bath, UK. On the letterhead of the RPS,  Professor Elizabeth Edwards, Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University and Dr Michael Pritchard, The Royal Photographic Society send an urgent message regarding the imminent demise of the famous Library of Birmingham Photography Collections.

The two well known figures in historical photography urge the Birmingham City Council to reconsider their decision to abandon this important collection through draconian funding cuts. It should be noted that Michael Pritchard has spoken at the PHSC as have at least two students from De Montfort University.

My thanks to Bob Lansdale, Steven Evens and Maia Sutnik for their part in bringing this important letter to our notice. Please see the attached letter Professor Edwards and Dr Pritchard co-signed on January 5th of this year for more information. Let us hope decisions are made by knowledgeable people and these valuable collections of British photographic history will not be abandoned.

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The most important cardboard box ever?

brownie_no_0_alamy-smLondon England. Member Russ Forfar sent me a note on Monday asking if the attached link was “another article?”. And indeed it is. BBC, London in its NEWS Magazine posted an interesting history and discussion about the Kodak Brownie camera dated January 4, 2015.

The article includes a few Brownie photographs. It is a thoughtful piece on what is a very basic beginner’s camera intended to attract new and young amateurs to the art of photography.

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New York Photo Show April 17, 18, 2015

New-York-Photos-Show-puppies-smToronto. Our Vice-president and image affectionado, Ashley Cook reports that the The New York Photos Show is once again hosting the New York Photo Show at the Lighthouse for the Blind at 111 East 59th in NYC on April 17th and 18th 2015.

Check out their site here for more details.


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Brian Matiash Photography

860e4ac7-be0f-4451-ad3b-fe2907e5ed84Toronto. The other day I received an email from Brian Matiash with a sampling of his blogs. One article caught my eye – a discussion of how and why he migrated to G-Technology drives (Which I have used for some time now).

Brian is a landscape photographer and author out on the coast in Oregon. I first came across his work when he offered a free download of a pdf about why he moved to the Sony mirrorless line of replacements for traditional dSLRs.  And Brian uses Lightroom too, another favourite of mine.

Visit his website and download his free eBook Moving to Mirrorless and see why this is the direction we are headed today.

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Through Canada with a Kodak (1893)

BearHunt-smToronto.  Thanks to member George Dunbar for this interesting link. In 1893, barely five years after George Eastman began selling his famous Kodak camera, W.H White of Edinburgh published a book called Through Canada with a Kodak by the Countess of Aberdeen, Ishbel Gordon.

The Countess embarked on a trip across the Atlantic by ship and across the Dominion of Canada by train. The book is illustrated mostly by her Kodak photos plus the occasional photographs by Notman of Montreal and Messrs Boorne and May of Calgary.

In the spirit of the day, the book has a chatty text of her travels interspersed with some plates created from photographs. The book was reprinted a century later in 1994 by the U of T Press. Today little book is readily available for free in pdf format through the website and the Toronto Public Library website.

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Newsletter 14-7

Powell-Perry-book-smToronto. Our latest issue of the PHSC Newsletter is another colourful 10 page extravaganza by editor David Bridge. Our first story as always is the coming Toronto Meeting. Every December we ofer the popular members Show and Tell plus a Christmas gift exchange and a silent auction for the support of the PHSC.

Mark Singer’s Toronto notes reports on the thorough talk given by Mike Robinson on Daguerreotypes – his favourite topic. Secretary, Awards Chairman and PHSC Press Editor John Morden announces Anna Krentz as the latest Thesis award winner. “Scotch and Coffee” notes the potential revival of ferrania colour film as Scotch Brand material.

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Memories of Homemade Colour Prints

ferraniacolor-smToronto. George Dunbar’s note to me about the ferrania slide film revival brought back memories of my efforts to print colour back in the summer of 1960 when most amateur photographs were black and white.

While I worked in Labrador, I processed colour slides using Anscochrome film and processing kits. For black and white prints, I picked up a cheap Federal enlarger up in Knob Lake, Quebec.

Back home again, my friend George Ball and I decided to tackle colour printing using the new ferraniacolor film and processing kit. We modified the Federal enlarger by replacing the contrasty incandescent light source with a softer fluorescent lamp ring. A couple of aluminum pans housed the tube and served to reflect the light through the colour film.

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