Edwin Haynes – Child shovelling coal. An unlikely photo in this age of gas furnaces and helicopter parents…

Lizz Hodgson – Edwin Haynes: Rediscovered Toronto Photographer

Lizz Hodgson is the great-great-grandniece of Edwin Haynes. She will present on the rediscovery of the Edwardian images of Edwin Haynes. On May 29th last year, staff reporter for the Toronto Star, Chris Reynolds wrote an illustrated column on this captivating photographer from a century ago titled, “100-year-old images from Toronto photographer rediscovered“.

Scotiabank reported our talk for this year’s CONTACT. I posted this item last year just after the Star column. Lizz provides more details on Haynes in her Blogspot and on the web at this site.

The public is welcome. Go to our Programs page for times and directions.

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Talk about Agnes Chamberlin at Lambton House May 11, 2017

A CDV portrait of Agnes Chamberlin

Toronto. Agnes Chamberlin was born in Coburg. She was the first Canadian-born child of famous author Susanna Moodie. Agnes was twice married and gave birth to nine children. Her legacy is wildflower books like Canadian Wild Flowers and Studies of Plant Life. These books have roots in Lambton Mills (now part of Toronto in the west end).

Joy Cohnstaedt sent me an email on the 23rd noting that, “Heritage Talk by Madeleine McDowell on one woman’s life, Agnes Dunbar Moodie Fitzgibbon Chamberlin (1833-1913), in early Canada.

“Born in Cobourg, Agnes Dunbar Moodie was the first Canadian child of author Susanna Moodie and her husband. She was twice married, experiencing life in many places and levels of society. Agnes Dunbar Moodie is buried in St James Cemetery, Toronto.

“Doors open at 7:00pm. Refreshments. Free will offering appreciated. ”

The talk will be on May 11, 2017 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm at:
Lambton House
4066 Old Dundas Street
M6S 2R6


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What to do with your old 35mm slides

Girl with a Quilt. A March 1982 Kodachrome slide.

Toronto. With the growth of digital, we all must  have boxes and boxes of old slides and a slide projector or two kicking around the house. In this Kodachome slide, I snapped my youngest daughter  at a quilt show her mother and I were participating in as merchants back in March of 1982.

I took a few colour photos with my Leica, including this whimsical snap of Cher wrapped in a quilt. Today the slides and its siblings rest in my desk. A carousel projector and its trays hold up a stack of stationery in a corner of my den.

George Dunbar sent me an email last Tuesday which had a NY Times link to James Barron  showing his article “Donated Slides From the Met Get a Second Life” from the newspaper’s Grace Notes column. In their case, NYC had a “Materials for the Arts” program. The program benefitted in free slides from the Metropolitan Museum of  Art  (The MET). The museum was busy converting its donated slide inventory into a database via a scanner. Once scanned, the original slides were gladly donated to the project to be reused and viewed once again.

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Canadian Historical Photographs

Photo c1890 from Mahone Bay Museum

Toronto. George Dunbar dropped me an email the first of the week.

George says, “A wonderful collection of historical photographs can be viewed at the Mahone Bay Museum (Nova Scotia) and web site

And it is indeed a wonderful site. I first heard the name Mahone Bay over 50 yeas ago. My friend George Ball had built a 14 foot outboard using a Mahone Bay hull. He and some friends spent a few winter evenings at a Toronto High School taking a woodworking class so they could have access to a large area and the needed power tools for the transom, gunnels, and front deck construction. In the 1970s my family and I vacationed in the maritimes and visited the very picturesque Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia.

Have a look at the Museum’s web site and enjoy the photographs which may include your ancestors… My ancestors on my mother’s side have Nova Scotian roots.


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Sit, Pose, Snap. – Brisbane Portrait Photography 1850 – 1950

Portrait from Marcel Safier Collection, Australia

Toronto. PHSC member Marcel Safier of Australia has a large part of his collection on exhibit at the Museum of Brisbane. The exhibit, called “Sit, Pose, Snap” covers the Brisbane portraits business over the century of 1850 – 1950. The exhibit runs from March 24th through July 30th of this year.

The Museum quotes, “Sit. Pose. Snap. Brisbane Portrait Photography 1850 – 1950 explores the phenomenon of studio portrait photography in Brisbane, and shows how the process of capturing and sharing a portrait evolved from the formal studio sittings of the 19th century through to candid and relaxed photographs of the mid-20th century.

“With the introduction of commercial photography in the mid 1850s, dozens of photographic studios popped up in and around Brisbane capitalising on this popular new technology. Interest in this novel sensation was high, and profitable – with photographers increasingly savvy when it came to selling their service and products. Continue reading

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Frank Horvat at Gadcollection – Paris Fr

Paris fashion models – Frank Horvat 1958

Toronto. Galerie Gadcollection is exhibiting and selling photographs by Frank Horvat March 30 – April 30,  2017

Horvat was born in 1928 on April 28th, in Abbazia, Italy (now Opatija, Croatia). Parents, Karl and Adele Edelstein, were both medical doctors. During the second world war, he lived in Switzerland.

His first photographic gadget was a Retinamat – bought by swapping his stamp collection (browse Google to learn about this projector).

In 1947, he moved to Milano, Italy and studied art at the Accademia di Brera. Horvat first worked in art for an advertising firm before buying a Rolleicord and freelancing for Italian magazines.

In 1950, he met Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa in Paris. In the early 1950s, Horvat did freelance work in Pakistan and India before moving to London to work mainly for LIFE and PICTURE POST. In 1955, Horvat moved to Paris were he remains today as a fashion photographer and a member of the elite MAGNUM group.


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PHSC Spring Fair May 28, 2017

PHSC Spring Fair Poster

Toronto. Have you heard the news? It’s fair time again and we are hosting “The Big One” at Trident hall on Sunday,  May 28th, 2017 in the west end of Toronto.

Click here or on the little poster icon at left for details.

Save you questions for the dealers and come on out to add to your collection or dip your toes into the now niche arena of film photography. Film, books, cameras, lenses, darkroom, and all things photographic. Join in as we begin our 43rd year!

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Swann Galleries, NYC Auction Today

Dr Valentine Mott – 1/6 plate Daguerreotype Portrait. Est value $2,000 – $3,000 US.

Toronto. Ms Daile Kaplan of the Swann Galleries in NYC sent me a note that her next auction of photographs and photo books takes place today, April 20th 2017 at 1:30pm local time. Have a look and see if your collection can be augmented by her selection of fine photographs and books.

The image of Dr Mott (1785 – 1865) is lot 2 of a number of lots shown in the online catalogue. Browse the lots and be sure to bid on your choice of these fine images and books.

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Diana+ True Tales & Short Stories

Toronto. In the 1960s, a Hong Kong plastics company offered a toy camera called the  Diana. The camera had a cheap plastic meniscus lens and used 120 roll film. All but a few pieces of the shutter mechanism were made of plastic. The 99 cent camera was often rebranded as a marketing give-away.  The camera failed.

Years later, the Diana became a cult camera. It was was resurrected by Lomography. The camera was known as the Diana+ and the Holga.

The original Diana was often valued at a higher price to collectors than the private branded cameras (identical cameras with a different name around the lens barrel).

This 256 page hard cover little book, published in 2007 by the Lomographic Society International, offers a brief history of the Diana and its newer models, plus sample prints taken by many enthusiasts, along with some fictional stories (Diana Vignettes) meant to educate and humour the reader. Collectors suggest over 100 different private branded versions exist today. The covers of the book seem to have actual 120 contact colour prints attached, not unlike the one inside my copy of  the Agfacolor book by Dr Heinz Berger (1967), but looking more like polaroids.

The camera is embraced in spite of its quirks which make the prints more like art than a factual likeness of the object recorded. The Lomography Society prides itself as a stalwart of film (analogue) photography. I thought of the camera’s cheap plastic lens as synonymous with poor quality until I realized that after cataract surgery I am viewing the world through just such an acrylic lens – all be it a trifle more costly…

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Photographic Canadiana 43-1

Photographic Canadiana 43-1

Toronto. Well we are entering our 43rd year as a society! Hard to imagine that we have lasted so long. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we continue to serve. The emphasis has shifted from primarily a camera collecting society, to a  true Canadian historical society. This is in no small way due to the talent and dedication of our editor of nearly the past two decades.

I had the pleasure of participating on the proofing of editor Bob Lansdale’s latest issue, 43-1. This issue will hit the printers shortly and should be in the mailbox of all members by or shortly after month end. Look for it!

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