Fall Photographica-Fair has new venue

Trident Hall courtesy of Google Maps

Trident Hall courtesy of Google Maps

Toronto. The fall show will take place on October 26, 2014 in a new venue. We have moved back to the west end of Toronto at the Trident Hall 145 Evans Ave just east of Islington in easy reach by the Gardiner and TTC. The new facilities have less room so there will be  fewer tables – first come, first offered. Based on the tables in use over the past years, there will not be enough tables for payment on the day of the show!

Watch this site for continuing news on our new venue and be SURE to reserve early! Continue reading

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Can you say CASL?

persuasion-key20rb1TORONTO. For those unaware of the federal government in Canada, it imposed the Canadian Anti-Span Law (CASL) effective July 1, 2014.

The law is very broad and foggy from what I have seen in the news and blogs. Worse, it is impotent with the offshore spammers who were the very vast majority of those harassing our inboxes before we got decent spam filters.

Margaret Wente, a favourite columnist of mine, in the Globe and Mail, offered a well thought out commentary on CASL a few days ago on July 8, 2014. Click on the Globe’s icon above or here to read her column. Worth the read. Continue reading

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The shot heard around the world

June 28, 1914, Sarajevo

June 28, 1914, Sarajevo

On June 28, 1914 Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. A month later the war to end all wars began in Europe. I had grandfathers and uncles sign up with the Canadian army. My one grandfather once told me his pay envelope included a message “your country needs you more than we do” and the young single railroader enlisted.

To remember the centenary of that war’s beginning, the National Gallery of Canada mounted a photographic exhibition “The Great War: The Persuasive Power of Photography” on June 27th, 2014. The exhibition runs in Ottawa through November 16, 2014.


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Where have all the flowers gone?

ApertureToronto. When Aperture was released by Apple, I still used Windows and was envious of the capabilities of this product. I was recently reminded that Aperture development will end shortly (fall 2014) and the product will phase out next year when Apple releases Photo to replace it and iPhoto on the new OSX software. The blog I was reading said Corel was offering a migration to its AfterShot Pro 2 which is based on Bibble and comparable in price. Continue reading

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PHSC Newsletter 14-3

c1924 Penn Station in NYC by Joseph Ruzicka. From an original silver based print.

c1924 Penn Station in NYC by Joseph Ruzicka. From an original silver based print.

Toronto. This newsletter announces our coming Trunk Sale this Sunday. Editor David Bridge and  journal editor Bob Lansdale have gone out of their way to make this another exciting issue for all who collect and enjoy photographic equipment and images.

Louse Freyburger researched interesting links. The 1920s image of Penn Station in NYC by Joseph Ruzicka comes from one of those links (for CCNY).

Tom Bochsler announced his half century of negatives and files have been donated to the Hamilton Public Library while the Toronto Star has chosen to donate its entire archive of negatives and files to the Toronto Public Libraries where the images are being digitized and placed online for all to view. Continue reading

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Graflex Historic Quarterly 19-2

1921 Naturalists' Graflex

1921 Naturalists’ Graflex

Toronto. This is the latest issue of Ken Metcalf’s newsletter, Graflex Historic Quarterly 19-2. Click here or on the icon above and enjoy this newsletter devoted to these grand old cameras long used by the newspaper photographers of the day. And if you look closely you will even spot the work of our editor and retired photographer, Bob Lansdale himself.

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Graflex Historic Quarterly 19-1

GHQ-19-1Toronto. Our friend Ken Metcalf edits the quarterly newsletter for the Graflex Historic Society out on the west coast of the USA.

You may remember seeing newspaper photographers of the past century using these magnificent big cameras to capture photos for the dailies before 35mm took over the task.

Ken has generously offered members of the PHSC and viewers of this site to read his journal. Click here or on the icon above to view the spring 2014 issue.

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A New look at Toronto over the passage of time

Toronto-Time-KwanToronto. Member and friend George Dunbar often comes up with the most interesting of ideas. He recently sent me a note suggesting I take a look at this video by Kwan called simply “Time”.

This is the full note posted on Vimeo: If you were to stand in one spot in downtown Toronto for the past one hundred years, what would you experience? Continue reading

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4th Annual Trunk Sale – Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Summer Trunk Sale will be held  Sunday, July 13th.
Rain or shine… and it ends in time for FIFA enthusiasts to see the final game later that day!

Safari 2

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Newsletter 14-2

Rachel and Chelsea curate the PHSC Stereo exhibition at Campbell House

Rachel and Chelsea curate the PHSC Stereo exhibition at Campbell House

Toronto. Editor David Bridge has put together another exciting newsletter! Issue 14-2 is a delight to the eyes with its photo essays. Click on the icon at left.

On the front page this month’s speaker, inspirational photographer Barry Shainbaum, along with an announcement of this summer’s 4th annual trunk sale.

A trio of photo essays show the society’s 40th annual meeting at Campbell House, our spring fair this year, and a look at early fairs. The CONTACT exhibit we set up at Campbell House “Double the Pleasure, Triple the Fun” is reviewed.

An interesting article by John Marriage on the Samocaflex is in response the one shown in the latest Photographic Canadiana. 40-1.

We note the latest Photographic Canadiana, and our first book by the PHSC Press, This issue ends with the 16th Photohistory symposium in Rochester this fall, a calendar of events, a compilation of interesting photo links, current events, and want ads. Well done to editor Bridge and all his contributors! Click on the icon to read the articles.

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