Fort York

Fort York Bock House rebuilt 1813

Fort York Bock House rebuilt 1813

Toronto. Fort York predates Toronto. Burnt in the beginning of the war of 1812, it was rebuilt the following year (1813). Today, the fort, relocated just north of Lakeshore just east of the CNE grounds, is a popular tourist destination.

My friend George Dunbar sent me a note suggesting the Fort York newsletter (The Fife and Drum) might be of interest to members. Have a read of their recent newsletter and learn some history of our city and country.

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Rescued Film Project Redux

Rescued Film Project - Redux

Rescued Film Project – Redux

Toronto. My friend Russ Forfar sent me this follow up to the Rescued Film Project post.

Interesting videos and a purpose to rescuing anonymous photographs is explained in this short article posted by Al Jazeera.

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Spring? I Shutter at the Thought :-)

Samples from Vit Ressorts (saw springs)

Samples from Vit Ressorts
(Saw Springs)

Toronto. Friend and PHSC member Russ Forfar passed along this note from Karim Amrani. Perhaps you can find such a service in Canada. The value will depend on the cost vs. the camera and shutter.

“I’ve had broken springs in a British 3×4 SLR, you know, the springs inside the curtain rollers. I was a bit desperate as I could not imagine I would find a source for these.

“I did ! A company here (in France) can make custom springs for a reasonable fee. The company is vit’ressorts. I only needed a couple of springs, so they were 35€ a piece (which is reasonable when you have no other option).

“I thought that maybe some of you would be interested in hearing this… “

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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Futuristic iPhone

Futuristic iPhone

Toronto. You may think this topic is a bit odd for the PHSC, but consider stereographs. They were a form of AR/VR well over a century ago! And think of our recent road trip down to Ryerson University’s DME Lab where we saw a sandbox with its own projected topographical lines changed in real time, 3D printers, and a headset that let one create in 3D in the air while his/her creations were displayed in 2D on monitors.

Our Programme Chairman, Les Jones, sent me a note last Friday that links to Seeking Alpha, an investment site featuring stock market insights. On that site columnist Ravi Thakker writes about “Apple’s Latest Futuristic Technology” – yep, its a way to view AR/VR on a future iPhone! (I noticed Apple’s prime smartphone competitor, Samsung, placed a video ad on the column…)

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Daguerreian Society Auction Catalogue Up

Tintype - Photographer with his camera.

Tintype – Photographer with his camera.

Toronto. The Daguerreian Society sent me a note the other morning that it had its October 22nd 2016 Auction catalogue on line. Click here  and see what suits your growing collection of images and equipment.

There is a live auctioneer available to take your online bid according to the newsletter they sent out.

Check it out!


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PHSC News 16-5

Headless Victorian

Headless Victorian

Toronto. Editor David Bridge in conjunction with Sonja Pushchak and John Morden have come up with a second issue of the sparkling new version of our newsletter.

The lead article covers a favourite Victorian pastime  – natural magic through photography… Page two covers the presentation next week by Mike Smith about well known postcard photographer Reuben Sallows.

There is an equipment review of the 1897 Kodak Bulls-Eye camera I donated to the PHSC and sold at a recent PHSC  auction.

Our road trip to Ryerson is covered as is today’s Camera Fair hosted at the Trident Hall by the PHSC.

These pages are followed by Image Finds, Web links (compiled as usual by Louise Freyburger), PHSC Talks and events, Ask Vicky (a new favourite column),Current Exhibits   (AIMIA and Contemporary Photography at the AGO), A poster on our Wednesday evening talk, and lastly The Classified (ads by and of interest to members). Enjoy!

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Dylan and the Minox

Bob Dylan at Place Des Arts, Montreal in February 1966 taken by Minox

Bob Dylan at Place Des Arts, Montreal in February 1966 taken by Minox

Toronto. I saw in the Globe today that Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in Literature yesterday. He was considered to be a moving force in the world with his poetry and music, a force that has continued on to this day. I first learned of this strange young man in 1965 listening to his records of the day.

On February 20th, 1966, my girlfriend at the time knew the concert promoter and bought tickets for Dylan’s show at Place des Arts in Montreal. We were seated in the second row, just back from the stage. I brought along my little Minox B and took some pictures.

Few knew of the Minox. Most photographers – amateur and pro alike – used larger cameras. While the venue did not permit a camera, this little guy was easily hidden in a pocket and  quite unobtrusive when used. It could be held steady and with the brightness of the spotlight, it  worked fine without a flash. The image was a reasonable size as well, given we were so close to the stage. A faster film added a grain to the images I  snapped that chilly February night. Continue reading

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Sara Angelucci Exhibit

Man/Elm by Sara Angelucci at the Stephen Bulger Gallery

Man/Elm by Sara Angelucci at the Stephen Bulger Gallery

Toronto. Stephen Bulger of the Stephen Bulger gallery announced that he is hosting an exhibition of photographic works by Sara Angelucci called Arboretum. The photographs combine images of trees and people.

Ms Angelucci, an Adjunct  Professor in Photography at Ryerson, is well covered by various articles and reviews. Her web site includes this information:
“Sara Angelucci is a Toronto-based artist working in photography, video and audio. Her work explores vernacular photographs and films, analyzing the original context in which images are made.

“Drawing attention to conventions of image making, her work foregrounds the cultural role vernacular images play in framing particular stories, creating histories, and memorialization.

“Angelucci’s work has developed from an examination of the family archive and immigration, to a broader analysis and interpretation of anonymous/found photographs. In recent photography, video, and audio projects, Angelucci draws from the history of photography, as well as natural and social histories, transforming found images and repositioning them within the broader cultural context from which they emerge.”

The show opens October 22nd and runs to November 19th, 2016. A reception will be held for Ms Angelucci from 2-5 pm on the opening day (the 22nd of October). Location is the Gallery at 1026 Queen St West in Toronto.

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Electrifying, just electrifying…

Sony Camera NEX-6 Lithium Ion battery

Sony Camera NEX-6 Lithium Ion battery

Toronto. In recent news we heard about the Samsung fiasco with its Note 7 smartphones  suddenly bursting into flames. Once replacement phones also combusted, Samsung elected to recall all Note 7 smartphones and cease manufacture, taking a massive hit in market share.

A bit of background: batteries are divided into primary cells (single use) and secondary (rechargeable). The various chemical processes were well known over a century ago but improvements were necessary before the technologies became marketable commodities.

Over a half a century ago, when I was a kid, batteries were usually zinc-carbon technology and available in the same sizes as today (AA, AAA, C, D, etc), usually as a national name brand product – like Eveready or Ray-O-Vac. Leave them in your flashlight or radio and you risked changing the devices into a gooey mess as the electrolyte quietly ate through the zinc case allowing acid to drip into the light or radio.

A few years later, a new (old) technology arrived in the marketplace called Alkaline. This process was far less likely to ooze acid and lasted far longer than the zinc-carbon cells. In most cases the cells could not be charged and reused. Once depleted of electric current, they were finished. Continue reading

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Images and Postcards next Spring in Virginia

Spring Antique Photo and Postcard Show in Virginia

Spring Antique Photo and Postcard Show in Virginia

Toronto. Tom Rall of Diverse Marketing, who runs the antique images and postcard show in Arlington Virginia, sent me a flyer on October 4th announcing his latest show (34th annual) on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn.

Tom warns prospective exhibitors and visitors that the NCAA basketball tournament will be held in nearby Washington DC so reservations need to be made sooner than later.

Click here or on the icon at left for full details.

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