‘ave you met M. Pierre?

Angenieux R 11 28mm in an Exakta mount

Toronto. A year ago this past spring, I did a post on the unusual lenses of Monsieur Pierre Angenieux of Paris. Surprisingly, this Paris, France optical company is still in business. The company was founded in 1935 by M. Angenieux.

Angenieux was born in the summer of 1907, a few months before my own father. He went on to create wide angle lenses for SLRs, Zoom lenses, and cinema/video lenses. A few years before his death in 1998, Angenieux sold his company to the Thales Group. The company became Thales Angenieux and since 2013 has sponsored the Pierre Angenieux Excellens in Cinematography each year at Cannes to pay tribute to a Prominent Director of Photography.

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