another Schacht-Travenar

Schacht-Travenar f/4 135mm lens in Lordomat breech lens mount.

Toronto. This is a second lens from the 1950s for use on the Lordomat. Remember that the Lordomat was made in Wetzlar by a company called called Leidolf who produced high quality 35mm cameras.  This lens is an f/4, 135mm focal length with an odd breech mount. The lens is designated a Schacht-Travenar 1:4/135.

Schacht was an optical company at the time and made many varieties of the Travenar in various focal lengths and for various cameras. The company is not shown in the few books I have nor is there much reference material online.

This version of the telephoto design (i.e lens to film distance at infinity is shorter than the focal length) was made for the Lordomat camera. The lens has a special breech lens mount. The sturdy little chrome and black lens has the rear elements imbedded in the camera when focussed to infinity.

P.S. Did you know the auction in Port Colborne this weekend has a lovely version of this lens for the Lordomat in an original brown leather case and strap. The case is stamped “Lordomat” on the lid and “Made in Germany” on the bottom.

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