angel of the morning

Angel photo taken by Robert with his SX-70

Toronto. In 1972, Dr Edwin Land electrified the photographic community when he announced his new SLR camera, the SX-70. This incredible camera had all the bells and whistles of contemporary cameras plus creating colour prints, with no waste, in just a few minutes. More, it collapesed flat and would slip into a coat side pocket.

The October 27, 1972 issue of Life magazine announced the SX-70 and its technological marvels in an article beginning on page 42 titled ‘Dr. Land’s latest bit of magic’.

I bought my SX-70 over two decades ago from the late Bill Belier and still have it around. Polaroid is long gone but you can still get film packs that fit the SX-70 and similar-sized Polaroid cameras made much later on.

The article in Life was discovered by my good friend George Dunbar in his pursuit of photographic history through advertisements and magazine articles. George generously passed the link along so all visitors to this site could share this bit of history from nearly half a century ago.

Note. The post title is the song of the same name written in 1967 by Chip Taylor. The version here was sung back in 1981 by Juice Newton on her album of the same name.

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