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Late 2002 advertisement for the Sony DSC-F717

Toronto. Today we usually think of Sony as a TV and camera maker. They made their name in North America with a transistor radio and later the fabulous line of television sets and walkman portable tape players. When digital technology swept over the photographic industry, Sony moved on to cameras.

Their high end professional line was represented by the DSC-F717 and its replacements (like the DSC-F828 that I bought at the end of its availability retail and now use as my back -up camera for my NEX-6). When it became evident that other camera makers embraced the DSLR design for high end products, Sony dealt with Konica and bought its Minolta line with its A-mount and SLR mirror box design.

The advertisement above is thanks to my good friend and fellow photo enthusiast, George Dunbar. It comes from page 16 of the American Photo magazine for Nov/Dec 2002. This massive coffee table size magazine seems to be patterned after a European Fine Arts magazine called Zoom. Browse the American Photo link to see its many excellent photos and articles as well as advertisements. Well worth a read (selected issues are hosted by Google Books and can be read page by page).

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