in Quebec we say nombre vingt

Toronto. and the English say ‘number 20’ – our twentieth executive session via ZOOM. It’s over a year and a half now and COVID is still dragging on. Collectively, we have pretty well avoided the FOURTH wave effect by resorting to very limited outdoor events plus distancing, masks, and an excellent response to vaccines. Nevertheless, our stats keep fluctuating and federally we are pushing a limited series of third shots now. Being online has had its own virtue – executive (or presenter, or audience) can be anywhere with no travel issues/costs. And Zoom functionality (or our very able coordinator) seem to keep getting better – with a downside – older computers falling by the wayside in terms of support by Zoom.

It was another month of few changes. Celio continues to do a super job in the Programs, Instagram, and Zoom departments. Clint continues to show why he is president. And David Bridge and Louise Freyburger have stepped up to the challenge as our joint temporary Photographic Canadiana editors. The late Bob Lansdale’s leg work has left files and contacts for the current and at least the forthcoming journal issue next January. Of course the other executive, also show enthusiasm and competence in keeping the society afloat and thriving.

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