an awarding program

Margaret Lansdale’s book

Toronto. In the November-December 1995 (volume 21-3) edition of Photographic Canadiana president Les Jones announced the PHSC Awards program due to begin in 1996. Les was an innovative force in the PHSC with this enduring program being just one of his accomplishments.

In recent times, the Awards program was augmented by an annual thesis award granted to a Ryerson post graduate student for his/her winning thesis in the Masters degree program for Photographic Preservation and Collections Management. The PHSC makes the final choice from the top three theses as selected by Ryerson.

Two of our earliest non-thesis awards went to Margaret Lansdale and Robert Gutteridge for book publication/research. Ashley Cook of the PHSC executive committee administers the awards at the moment.

The thesis winner is usually a speaker at one of our Toronto meetings and his/her thesis is summarized in Photographic Canadiana. A full version is retained by Ryerson. If you or anyone you know is working on an aspect of photographic history – especially Canadian – drop me an email. Details are noted in Awards on our website.

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