a linhofty objective

late 1951 ad for Linhof cameras by Kling in NYC

Toronto. I dream about the last century when I used film and had a darkroom. I was sold on 35mm back then, but still dreamed of larger format media and cameras. For many years, I wanted to own and use a Linhof Technika and when George sent me the ad you see here, I already had fond memories of Linhof in spite of the complexity of these cameras in use.

A big thanks to my good friend George Dunbar for finding and sharing this ad from page 26 of the October, 1951 issue of Popular Photography. A linhofty (lofty) objective for sure in the days of cut film. I actually built darkrooms in four different communities before digital technology came along and made such rooms quaint (I am writing this from my last darkroom, now a home office and computer room).


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