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an 1888 telephone demonstration at the CNE

Toronto. In 1880, the company that became Bell Canada was founded in this city – later to move to Montreal, the major city in Canada at the time.

The site called Daily Hive has numerous photos of the CNE over the past 138 years.

The example photo at left celebrated the introduction of the telephone just 8 years after the Bell Telephone Company of Canada was established.  Those who know telephone history know Alexander Graham Bell lived summertimes  Brampton but discovered the telephone in his lab in Boston Mass. The idea of long distance was attributed to Bell at his Brampton home.

His success became the basis of the mighty AT&T in America and later spread up here. I remember hearing once that Western Union turned down Bell’s invention (or so it was said) since unlike the telegram, it left no written record of any call or its content.

We must thank our good friend, George Dunbar, once again. George found the page on the Daily Hive site and shared it with us.

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