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President Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw – eulogy for Bob Lansdale

Toronto. My wife and I recently sat in on two funerals via the modern miracle of video streaming. At both, our president Clint Hryhorijiw spoke very knowledgeably about the effect of our society on the deceased.

All too often, we take the president of the PHSC for granted. However; with Clint, that is simply not the case. Still working as a professional photographer, he finds the time to write columns in our journal; prepare and present eulogies; promote the society; participate actively in all events – especially fairs and auctions; encourage others to join the society and its executive; attend all meetings and events; etc. etc.

We tend to shrug off the very difficult task of leading a society such as ours. It is easy to ‘keep the society going‘ for a two year stint as president. It is quite another matter to lead the motley crew of members and executive into new and exciting ventures. Delegation and promotion are arts seldom seen today. Well done Clint! It is an honour to support your work.

Note: Above photograph is courtesy of Bob’s eldest son, Robert.

Robert also offered this commentary and these links:

“The  last  2  weeks  has been insanely busy on my side of the fence. I
just  and  only  got  all  of  these  videos  completed and online for
viewing.  Clint  did  a lovely and fantastic job with his eulogy to my
father,   and  the  video  +  audio  worked  out  very  well  for  his

“The   imagery   of  my  eulogy  is  best  viewed  in  the “livestream”
version  but  the  audio is terrible. However, the audio is best in my
own  video  taped  version but the images on the computer monitor
cannot be seen all too well.

“Memorial video presentation for Bob Lansdale

“Eulogy for Bob Lansdale presented by Robert Lansdale (July 25 2021) at Glendale Funeral Home.

“Eulogy for Bob Lansdale, presented by Clint Hryhorijiw (PHSC President), July 25 2021

“Livestream recording of Bob Lansdale’s funeral at Glendale Funeral Home, July 25 2021

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