A Day at the Auction

Auctioneer Clint has a whimsical moment…

Toronto. We had a great auction Sunday. Great turnout. Great lots. Great prices. The auction was held once again at the Legion Hall 101 in Long Branch.

Bob Wilson was tied up so we had a new recorder – David Bridge. It got so busy that Ashley was sent up to help the auction team after most folk had signed in.

Some new blood was added to the runners since Oscar left for Beijing and David took on the recorder duties. Following are a few pictures of the auction.

Mark’s Auction sign outside the Legion Hall

Auction day at the Legion Hall 101 in Long Branch,

Before the Auction began -Sonja at the yellow sales records box

Checking the lots before the auctioning begins

Ed Warner spots me behind the display cases…

David Bridge takes over for Bob Wilson

Our recorder (David Bridge) and auctioneer (Clint)

Upcoming Events at the PHSC

A rapt audience for the auctioneer

Willie Nassau videos the Auction

That was some enlarger! A Thornton Pickard Artist Enlarger

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