The Virtual Reference Library

Revenge of Analog – Virtual Public Library

Toronto. I heard on the television news last night that one victim of the Wynne government’s success in “balancing the budget” was the Toronto Public Library (TPL). Funding was arbitrarily cut and the TPL seems unable to accommodate such a cut between budgets.

One likely victim is the virtual reference library  (VRL) which relies upon posting scans and videos of sources  (photographs, documents, videos, etc.) held by the TPL. The government says in its defence that viewership of the VRL web site has been declining…

Sounds like the logic of my old school principal, god rest his soul, who, after recently arriving at our school, announced to his grade eight class that we marched so poorly that he decided to cut the daily marching music until we improved. Really?  I graduated to high school some months later without ever marching again to the thrilling sounds of  John Philip Sousa or the Colonel Bogey march.

NOTE: The next day (May 3rd, 2017), the Ontario government reversed its decision and said it will continue the TPL funding as in previous years.

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