FisherPrice Toy Camera

FisherPrice Toy Digital Camera

Toronto. If you were or had children in the past half century, then you bought or someone gave you a Fisher Price toy. I gave my daughters many of the toys sold by this famous company. One toy was a plastic imitation of a 126 camera. It had a rotating cube and in the viewfinder a tiny series of wild animals appeared –  changed after each shutter click.

The camera above (or at left) was loaned to me by John Linsky. Like the cameras made for grown-ups, the toy cameras went digital when film began to disappear. In this case the cameras took digital images saved to memory or a removable card. It offered either a .3 or a 1.3 megapixel image. The aspiring snap-shooter could see his  photograph on the back screen – just like in his parent’s camera! When I take a picture today, my granddaughter wants to see her picture immediately.

At right you can see my 3 year old grandson seven years ago as he snapped me snapping him. we both used digital cameras, his a toy (not FisherPrice, but a Little Tikes) and mine a Sony.

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