Hunter Penrose Camera

Toronto. I never heard of a Hunter Penrose camera (c1929) before Shlomit Tamir sent me an email back on March 10th. Hunter Penrose still exists in the UK and is in the printing business these days.

Shlomit writes, “I entered your website after searching online sales for  Hunter Penrose cameras. I have unique one.

“Attached is a link to a video I made that you can see this antique camera,  a catalogue and the measurements.

“I would be very happy if you can contact me or refer me to someone who deals with this type of cameras”.

The video gives a better idea of just how physically HUGE this camera is! The camera uses large glass plates. The plate dimensions are a whopping 85×86 cm (about 33×33.5 inches). There are two Taylor-Hobson Cooke Apochromat process lenses. One has a 36 inch focal length with  a 76 cm (30 inch) wooden tray. The other is a series IX (pat. no. 113590).

If you can help Shlomit, drop me an email.  Thanks.

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