Lansdale Photograph from The Star Archives

McLuhan at U of T in 1974 by Robert Lansdale

Toronto. Over a week back I was sent an email by George Dunbar. George had spotted a photograph in the Toronto Star that Saturday taken by Bob back in 1974. Bob’s photograph of Marshall McLuhan ¬†was used to illustrate a column by Brennan Doherty¬†reviewing a conference held half a century ago.

The column reminisces about the time in 1967 when McLuhan, Allen Ginsberg, and Sidney Katz (of the Star) and a large group of attendees met at the “Perception 67” conference in 1967 to discuss the many wonders of LSD. The drug was relatively new and certainly not fully understood at the time. I remember reading about June Callwood trying to help out those youths in Yorkville and publishing her experience.

As many of you know, we are blessed at the PHSC to have Bob as both our official photographer and editor of our journal, Photographic Canadiana.

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