Preservation of Digitally Printed Photographs

ICI Rochester NY

Toronto. On December 12 of this year, George Dunbar sent me a followup to his search for an explanation of how his digital prints were printed.

George has always insisted that a paper print of any age can be viewed by eye while digital images need a means to preserve, read, translate and display the image – no mean task in this era of digital photography!

The site he sent me, called the DP3 Project, is one of a handful of sites under the auspices of the Image Permanence Institute in Rochester.

George said in his email message (slightly paraphrased by me), “This site has some fine info on digital printing. I was particularly interested in the pages  describing inkjet, dye sublimation and laser prints.

“You may recall that I was once curious about the technology used for ‘kiosk-printing’ of 4×6 digital photos. Appears that it may currently be’dye sublimation’.”


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