Nikon One sells at auction for 384,000 Euros

Nikon One

Toronto. Remember when Japanese cameras were dismissed as German knock-offs? Stephan Musil of Westlicht Auction in Vienna sent me this press release a few days back.

A Nikon One rangefinder camera sold for 384,000 Euros at auction was initially estimated have a value of 90,000 Euros going into the auction.

The Nikon One was made in 1948. The total number manufactured was about 750. The camera was a rangefinder design and sold with a Nikkor 50mm f/3.5 or f/2.0 lens. This lens could be focussed by a wheel near the shutter release. Other interchangeable lenses in bayonet mount were offered but did not use the little wheel to focus. The camera was an odd mix of Contax and Leica design elements.

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